Lying Around The House(s)

The other day I tweeted a question regarding how Better Together seemed to have ex-directory numbers and were calling them during the last-minute phone campaigning.

Well, it seems they had access to some people’s addresses that they maybe shouldn’t have as well.

I’ll let the person who informed me about it explain…

…the personalised address printed for me on the letter is wrong, and wrong in a strange way. It is not an address I have used/given for anything, and certainly isn’t the one on the electoral roll for me.

To repeat, the letter came with a personalised address – with his name on it. They weren’t just sending to every address randomly with no names.

So, like the ex-directory numbers, where were they getting these addresses from?

There’s no need to deal with the lies and other nonsense in the letter, as it was dealt with here.

BT letter scan ready




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