Dumb Luck

Greyfriars bobbyNo politics in this, just something of a Public Service Announcement, along the lines of “Don’t Be An Idiot”.

In the last few weeks I was through in Edinburgh a number of times for one reason or another and I noticed something at the site of the Greyfriars Bobby statue.

I assume all of you who are Scottish know the story, for those of you who aren’t, and maybe don’t know it, this dog was said to have sat minding the grave of his dead owner for 14 years.

The statue was put up in 1873 and had been going along fine for more than 100 years until something strange began happening a couple of years ago.

To see what it is, take a look at the nose on the statue.

When I went up there, there was a sign on the railing next to it. I can’t remember the exact wording but the basic points were that the shiny nose came about because in recent years the nonsense has been circulated that rubbing its nose will bring you luck.

This means thousands of tourists coming up and rubbing the nose, which is why it became shiny.

Further to this, they actually fixed the nose and put it back to the original black but some idiot came up with what was called an “abrasive material” and made it shiny again.

The notice basically said please don’t rub the nose.

So I just though I’d pass that on.

Finally, as you can see in the image below, Trip adviser are not exactly helping with this thing…





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