1. This is an excellent broadcast, we must get more of this out there. We need to target the older generation, those who look only to MSM for info. YES doorstep canvassers have the data to know where leaflets should be targeted. The message to the whole of Scotland, especially the no’s, is that the referendum was lost on a set of lies. The message to the whole of Scotland must be where the BBC sit in that process of lying.

    A major campaign to discredit the BBC ( simply by highlighting their own lies, as Prof Robertson points out so well) must begin. I mean a MAJOR campaign.

    The Scottish Government need a groundswell of opinion, to precede a motion in Parliament, that the BBC is not for for purpose for the people of Scotland. This message must get beyond we YES folks talking to each other through computers.

    History teaches us that the first target of any invasion force or coup is the broadcast media. Tanks and troops literally stream to the TV studios as a matter of priority.

    We came unbelievably close but we have no chance whilst we leave the BBC intact in Scotland.

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