You Need A Montage – 2

Here’s the first of a few little photo scenes that I’ll be publishing in the next few days (first one here) featuring some of the finest moments of the Labour Party™ during the referendum period…

Let’s start with this Labour man being all chummy with the Orange Order, who they said they’d be avoiding…


While we are on the subject of chumminess…

BySwqo5IEAAAYj-But of course, they always treated the process with dignity and never insulted the intelligence of the electorate, the answer to this was apparently by a Labour Council…


Finally, you can see how many Labour people, along with others voted No to this proposal…

That the Parliament supports the speediest safe withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Scotland; opposes the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons; believes that the predicted cost of around £4 billion a year in the mid-2020s for Trident renewal is totally unjustifiable; calls on the UK Government to set out which major defence procurement projects, or other areas of public spending, will have to be cut to pay for Trident renewal; notes that only a Yes vote in the independence referendum will guarantee the withdrawal of Trident nuclear weapons from Scotland; supports the aim of removing Trident within the first term of the Scottish Parliament following independence, and a constitutional ban on nuclear weapons in Scotland; confirms its commitment to working with nuclear and non-nuclear states to create the conditions for a world without nuclear weapons; supports a global ban on nuclear weapons, and considers that the removal of Trident from Scotland would strengthen the case against renewal of the UK Government’s nuclear arsenal.



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