You Need A Montage – 1

Here’s the first of a few little photo scenes that I’ll be publishing in the next few days featuring some of the finest moments of the Labour Party™ during the referendum period…

First up is the classic we’ve all come to know and love. Say there is no problem with the NHS before the referendum, then apparently vote labour™ to save it afterwards…


Next up is Darling showing that the ™ I am putting up after every time I mention the Labour Party™ is justified…

Bw3SpMPIEAED_FfNot just him though, how else is the people’s party™ trying to get money…


Finally, even if it was money-grubbing, at least it was all honest wasn’t it?

Well, remember the guy in one of the TV debates who said he wasn’t in a party? Yeah, this one…BwjwvfoIgAA6_tTOh well, one more can’t hurt, can it.

Let’s try finishing on a positive though, shall we?

At least one member was disgusted by some of what they were up to…




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