The Vow Means NOTHING

BxqM1NNIAAAHY8PApart from it being a grey area whether they are even allowed to announce new policies at this point.

Apart from the fact that those policy promises were a burden and not a liberation.

Apart from the fact that you cannot trust those three or their parties to do anything.

There is the further fact that even if the leaders do want it (I’m not convinced) the parties in Westminster are not going to let it happen.


From the London Evening Standard

Mark Field, the MP for the Cities of London and Westminster, said: “My constituents will be aghast if the unbalanced devolution from 1979 is made even worse.”

Tory MP Peter Bone added: “I don’t see why people in the East Midlands should be worse off to the tune of thousands of pounds than the people of Scotland.”

From The ToryGraph in an article called

David Cameron faces Tory ‘bloodbath’ over ‘unfair’ cash for Scotland

Mr Cameron’s campaign speech yesterday in which he reassured Scots that he would not be Prime Minister for ever has been met with scorn in some quarters.

“Cameron said ‘I won’t be here for ever.’ It just smacks of desperation to me – a man who is trying to get his wife to stay. It’s just desperate.”

Bernard Jenkin, the chairman of the Public Administration Select Committee and one of the Prime Minister’s most vocal backbench critics, today said the plans to grant Scotland fiscal autonomy would mean no Scottish MP could become Chancellor.

“We could never have a Scottish UK chancellor setting English taxes in England at the annual budget but not in his or her own constituency. So Parliament will have to consider how to establish an English executive, with an English first minister and finance minister,” he said in a letter to The Times.



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