If You’re Still Undecided – One

A couple of facts are necessary here about devolution, as it is now, and as it might be in the future.

ONE – The promises of extra powers are just empty political promises. We’ve seen them a million times before. On the SAME DAY that the Westminster party leaders came up to beg or threaten people not to leave, one of those they left behind in London (William Hague) said that the promise of extra powers is “NOT a statement of Government Policy” but “akin to a statement in a general election campaign“. Some statements in general election campaigns you might like to remember at this point are…

  1. No tuition fees in England and Wales
  2. No privatisation of the NHS
  3. House of Lords Reform
  4. Ending the storage of internet and email records without good reason.

For these they did either the opposite, or nothing.

TWO – The UK Government can ABOLISH the Scottish Parliament with one quickly passed law if it wants to. This is because every law in the UK can be changed at any time. They say “these things take a long time” when they dont feel like doing something, but they can actually do it very quickly if they want to. Farage could have a big say in Government soon, and his party openly campaigned for abolishing the Scottish Parliament. Boris Johnson and many MPs do not want more powers for Scotland. Do you think more powers or less are likely at the moment.



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