When Is A Crowd Not A Crowd?

DavidsonLook at this photo of Ruthie. Here we can see her with a clearly enormous crowd of backers behind her.

Or is that really the case?

In truth, I don’t know. I wasn’t at that one. It might have been busy, it might not have. If you were there, let me know.

(UPDATE) – Apparently there was a “decent” sized crowd at that one, still suspect you might want to look up Claque though.

I was however lucky enough to be milling around when I saw a similar style thing being recorded, and I think a couple of images might provide some perspective.

You see, as with the image above, it is easy enough to create the impression of a large crowd of backers even if you don’t actually have one.

It all depends on the position of the camera. It is highly possible that there weren’t many people there, but a camera position this close in gives the impression of people spreading out on all sides.

Now here is another of these Better Together/No Thanks/I Can’t Believe It’s A Real Campaign type recording shoots from today, taken from a different angle…


Please notice the small number of people and that the camera is right up in front of the speaker (I’ve no idea who he is) with the people just behind.

This could easily, without explicitly saying it, suggest that there are more people there than there really are. The media of course wouldn’t mention the relatively few people there however and just show the shot with people spreading out on either side and behind the shot, making it look so so busy.

If you turn the camera around a bit you might also find Anas Sarwar waiting his turn to be filmed in front of the “huge” crowd of people. This could even be used to give the impression, if you so wished, that there were different crowds of people following all the No politicians around worshipping them. Park 2

It’d all be bullsh*t though.

Finally, if you want to see what a REAL big group of people supporting a cause looks like, here’s two consecutive Saturdays on the steps of The Glasgow Concert Hall…





  1. Check out the video of this “rally” on the Beeb – if it’s still there. You can clearly see the “claquer” on the right of the screen encouraging the “crowd” to applaud wee Ruth’s rousing rhetoric.

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