Jim Murphy Making An Arse Of Himself

Sorry for the somewhat brusque title of the post, but sometimes, you just have to say it straight out…



    1. Those were not pro-No banners but a sarcastic take by some Yessers on what will happen if the outcome is a No. I personally think they are too subtle for some…including Mr Murphy himself.

      I was there last Tuesday – asked about the risks to Scotland of remaining in the UK. No sensible reply. Also, very very few No people from Nairn there – most of them were Murphy’s team and heavies.

      Anyway, funny thing about the weather being glorious at the time of his visit (mentioned partway through the clip) – we have had some horrendous rain this weekend past and today! Teach me to open my big gob…


    1. Couldn’t agree more. The ‘yessers’ are really scraping the barrel now. They should call the referendum off now to save further humiliation

  1. JIm get back to London where you belong with all the other labour party class traitors. Good to see thebYES folks being calm yet standing up for themselves. No doubt Lord Jack will cite this as an example of ‘vile nat abuse’.

  2. You have to wonder at how some of the no-ers on here managed to “stumble” across this vid. Some of the people posting ought really to know better. Jim couldn’t manage a simple answer to a simple question.

    The guy was only asking for ONE reason. ONE. Aren’t there thousands of reasons for staying in the Union? I mean I don’t dislike Russia or the Ukraine but surely both will be unaffected by Scotlands YES vote.

    And we are expected to reject independence, then vote these robots in?

    Ridiculous. Even if you do go with the old SNP vote isn’t a vote for independence, then you do have to question why Labour are a non feature. Actually you don’t.

    You’ve just watched the video.

    Always remember Unionists. You can’t lie to yourself. Especially if you know the answers.

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