A Short Debate Afterthought

ThenWhatbrucealexanderBoth sides claim they won the debate. I thought Salmond won it but did not manage to run rings round Darling as many had imagined he would.

Yes also point to polls showing support for Yes went UP after the debate, which would suggest that Salmond did actually win it, even if the media are running with the opposite story.

But despite the media coverage, I think there is another thing apart from the poll boost that Yes can take from the whole affair.

As I mentioned, there was a little disappointment that Salmond did not deliver the trouncing that many believed was coming. However, even among those who think Darling won, which I think is a pretty bizarre notion, NO ONE is suggesting that Darling provided a resounding or positive case for staying in the Union, made the case for the Union, or showed it would be better than Independence.

They are merely saying that he managed to put a little stick in Salmond’s spokes, and that Salmond didn’t deal with it as well as he might. No positive case for the Union was provided because there isn’t one.

That’s hardly a resounding victory for the Union. Some are even suggesting that despite the difficult few minutes it gave him, Salmond even did well to avoid the political trap.

A Yes victory is more than possible. We just have to keep at it.



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