Union Dividends 26

Another in the Union Dividends series and this time it is a little thing, a very little thing. However, this little thing is symptomatic of a much bigger thing.


I don’t care much for either of the sports involved here but if I were the director of the Commonwealth Games TV programme, it would make perfect sense to cut to the England Hockey prelims, there are much more people in England likely to watch it than would watch Scotland winning the bowls. It’s all about the ratings.

That’s exactly the same situation in Government too. It makes much more sense for a UK govt to look after England and not worry about the rest, who will inevitably be neglected (see the example picture below).

Why stay in such a Union of Unequals?

BtDdAxXCEAALIsp.jpg large



  1. Transport and roads are a devolved power. We have to fund the A9 improvements ourselves. Yet here we have a London project deemed as Uk essential???? and now partially funded by ourseves.

  2. In these austere times, of course, looking after all of England is a bit ambitious for the present crew, so they tend to confine themselves to looking after Greater London, Westminster and themselves, not necessarily in that order.

  3. Can someone please provide a link to the source for the Crossrail classification? I would like to be able to compile a list of the projects that have been classified as UK national, but can’t find one for this.

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