ScotIndyPod 84 – Out & About 2

Braithwaite Indy QuoteThere are so many Independence and Yes events going on around the country now that it is very hard to keep track of them. MP3s and youtube videos are going up all the time.

With that in mind, the 84th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast is the second in a series of podcasts under the title Out & About featuring some of the best ones to give you the chance to hear them without searching too far.

Each one will have different speakers, from independent independents, people in the different parties, people in the groups you find at these events and, well, people who’ve had something excellent to say on the matter.

In this second episode the contributions again come from a wide variety of sources.

The first is something about where you are.

The second is Miriam Brett from Generation Yes and comes courtesy of Ayetalks. Miriam gives a great talk about moving from No to Yes as she begun to understand the issues.

The third is SNP councillor Lynn Devine, who gives a dollop of useful facts.

The fourth and fifth are two bits of Colin Fox from the Scottish Socialist Party, and the second one from him is just about the best speech I’ve heard anywhere in Indyref world so far.

Oh and there’s a wee song at the end that you’ll probably find motivating.

Hope You Enjoy, and tell your friends…

This is the direct download link (right click and save as)

You can listen to the show online at its web page

Or you can subscribe with itunes

We are also now to be found on youtube


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