ScotIndyBook 2 – Toxic – Chapters 2 & 3

final_small_Toxic_cover_for_webThe ScotIndyBook series features audio book versions, full books or selected pieces, fiction and non-fiction, of some of the books being written about the independence referendum, or using it as a theme.

All the books in this series have been given by the kind permissions of their authors.

It’s time for parts two and three of Mark Frankland‘s Indyref thriller Toxic (part 1 here) , and it’s starting to heat up (he was also on the normal podcast here).

It is also read here by the author.

The slight hissing sound at the beginning gets fixed quite early on in this episode too, and won’t be a problem in future.


Hope you enjoy..

This is the direct download link (right click and save as)

You can listen to the show online at its web page

Or you can subscribe with itunes

We are also now to be found on youtube



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