Judge Jeanine(‘s sanity)

Regular readers or listeners to the podcasts will know that I am by no means a fan of the political output of the BBC.

At least they haven’t gone this far yet though.

However, stay with the Union and BBC or not,  you’ll probably be forced to go along with the decisions that people like this put on the table in American politics, and the BBC will find a more cerebral, but equally wrong, justification for the madness.

But if you haven’t seen this yet, on a more simple note, wow, just wow…






  1. I believe this is the same woman who, when interviewing a Norwegian diplomat in the aftermath of the Breivik’s atrocity there, disputed Norway’s claims to be a democracy on the grounds that their polis don’t carry guns.

    There’s something deeply offensive about an educated person (she is actually a former judge) pretending to be so utterly stupid.

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