A Limited Appeal

So that is it, the bank is finally broken.

I’ve been working a lot lately, but for contracts that all pay at the end, and that pay date has been delayed (again).

This unfortunately affects the podcasts as well, as today the internet bill is already past date and I can’t afford to pay it. No internet, no podcast, no blogging.

The only other option is that this becomes a touring operation and I’m forced to make this a touring event around local cafes. In certain cases trying to produce creative content in a cafe has been known to lead to something known as “unionism”, and this is something I’d like to avoid.

This is a short-term limited appeal that I’d rather not have had to make, and I won’t be making another one. But just to keep going for a little spell any donations you’d care to make would be more than useful.

You can donate here or use that big shiny button on the top right.



  1. just saw this now. With the indy ref on the horizon it’s vital this blog is kept up and running with podcasts as well. Slipped you a wee brown paper envelope. awra best

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