Better Together Want A Yes Vote!

whatA few years back when FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) were in trouble in the USA for their complete mishandling of the Hurricane Katrina crisis, Jon Stewart of the Daily Show did a piece attacking them.

He also pulled the picture on the right off their website and in the piece pointed out that their idea of disaster resolution, if you look carefully, actually leads back to disaster.

A failure in the design department it would seem.

Well, today this sort of thing has come closer to home.

I’ve often questioned whether or not Better Together could actually believe their own rhetoric given how spurious and bizarre it often gets, and it would appear that they do not really believe their own statements because the image below, if you look carefully, actually shows that they support independence.

**NB – I may have jumped too soon there and there is some doubt if the Better Together one is actually real. The FEMA one is tho.




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