For A’ That 44 – In The Free World

OE6YVYB7For the 44th episode of the For A’ That podcast  Andrew and I were joined by Christopher Silver.

Christopher is one the team that has been bringing some of the best and most talked about vids in the indyref campaign so far, and they’re currently in the process of making a feature-length documentary about it.

We talked about what stage they are at with the film and when and where we can expect to be seeing it.

That moved us on to the importance of crowdfunding in the campaign.

Everyone’s favourite Gitmo Non-Closer stuck his oar in last week, so we had a natter about that.

Will Scottish Independence deal cancer research a blow? The Express seemed to think so, we were less than convinced.

Also, given the increasingly surrealist note of the No campaign, I decided to take the Yes side on a more surrealist journey, and therefore talked about aliens.

There’s all that and much more.

Hope you enjoy (and if you feel up to helping us along with our running costs you can pop us a donation too.)

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  1. Dear Michael,

    I really enjoy the podcast, but i am frustrated that it lacks any interactivity, would you consider a reddit conversation after each podcast, so that listeners can give their own opinions and you and Andrew, a long with guests, might be able to answer questions, thanks

  2. The interactivity thing can be a bit of a problem. I’ve floated the idea of a phone in several times but it must be said there didn’t seem to be too many people interested in phoning in.

    Also, we aren’t actually a live show so doing an after show chat wouldn’t work out.

    One possibility could be a sort of Google hangout show but again, it would depend on levels of interest.

  3. Michael,
    While I agree that the BBC Bias Protest mentioned in this podcast is on the face of it negative it also has a hugely positive aspect which is that real people (as opposed to virtual people) get the opportunity to meet with real people and celebrate in a common cause.
    It gets us out of the house and away from our computers for a bit!

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