Well, Yes

Must admit I rather like this one…



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  1. thank you Michael
    The number of times ,when i look back and think , we have a chance to change things , and see later that all we have done is follow the status quo , makes me more determined to ensure my kids will not suffer cos i did nothing.

    Gorgon Brown is a disgraceful party puppet with idea’s that would have been good 20 years back but are now out of date and so out of touch with the ordinary folk of this land.

    If any one any where believes he has any stature in Scotland then they too are way out of touch.

    Fuck him and his party (Labour) . They have kept this country in the dark for years while our oil has paid for their mistakes They have given banks and the like free reign to bring this country to it’s knees.

    Every day we hear sound bites from one of them and STILL we have children hungry , disabled forced into work programmes , people sanctioned for any excuse and we end up arguing about party politics. Why the hell wont someone ask questions of why these things happen in a rich country like ours .the poor and disabled of this country are toiling day in day out and we have to listen to these fucking idiots express their feelings on a country where folk are dieing because of sanctions and benefit changes.

    Who gives a shit what an old fart like pa Broon thinks . HE’S A HAS BEEN. Nothing he says or does will stop people from the sanctions and hunger. He’s selling a book whilst kids int this country go hungry.

    When are people of Scotland gonna wake up to this shit
    Stop giving him the time to spout his pish . get a grip on real life . Children and our most disabled are being abused every bloody day whilst we argue of what the in and outs of Pa broons next comment. WTF????

    14 Years i served this country and it was 14 years wasted.

    Wake up Scotland . this has nothing to do with politics this is to do with looking after the poor and disadvantaged . Where our priority is helping the poor and needy rather than what some overbearing scrote says.

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