Public Service Flagwaving

What is it forIn terms of public service broadcasting, one of the better things you’ll occasionally find in the media is the list of stupid calls that people have made to the 999 emergency services.

These are usually people that can’t find their keys or need directions or some such thing.

It’s a good and reasonable thing every so often to remind people not to be idiots, and what should or shouldn’t be considered as an emergency. Some people obviously aren’t sure about it or they wouldn’t be making such calls.

However, I just have a tiny little point about the image on the right here…

Why was it considered necessary to adorn the thing with the Union Jack?

UK is ice-cream with bits on it and all very nice or UK is so incredibly stupid that people think the dispersal of sprinkles is a matter for the emergency services?

Another option could be that as the TV companies seem to feel it necessary to call everything British This or Great British That these days, maybe this is laying the groundwork for the new programme “The Great British Idiot”.



  1. “It’s a good and reasonable thing every so often to remind people not to be idiots”

    I disagree, actually, that kind of public humiliation is one of my biggest pet hates. There are two different problems with the 999 number – people phoning it when they shouldn’t, and people not phoning it when they should, because they’re overly-cautious and can’t quite convince themselves it’s a big enough emergency. I doubt if public humiliation does much to tackle the first problem (because there will always be idiots around), but if anything it’s likely to make the second problem much worse.

    A better strategy would be a non-judgemental public information campaign that gives parity to the non-emergency number and makes sure it’s just as well-known as 999.

  2. I was watching Bargain Hunt and blow me ! – 2 lovely union flags flying in the wind .
    They’re everywhere you turn as you say , but I do like the idea of the ” Great British Numpty”
    Quite a few high profile contenders for that one!

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