Honey I Shrunk The Country (For The Umpteenth Time)

Agu7VQICQAA1Ck-.jpg largeBella Caledonia recently pointed out that BBC maps tend to skew the real sizes of parts of the British isles.

I then provided them with the historical example that you can see here on the right (BBC Weather map compared with actual sizes if represented fairly.

Someone was also kind enough to send me another example this time coming from a supermarket chain.


As the photos below from the BBC coverage of the European elections show, it appears that bad habits die hard at the BBC, with Scotland getting even smaller than usual…tuzj_jHRIn this second one Scotland hasn’t gone yellow yet, though it appears there was time to paint little bits of England red…



(With thanks to Jim Fraser)


  1. Just done a quick Google check: the distance from Cape Wrath to the Solway Firth is 272 miles; the distance from the Solway Firth to Portsmouth is 292 miles!

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