The Scottish Independence Podcast 74 – Pilar Fernandez (Solidarity With Scotland)

bd279c00d7e01ebb1c0c72ce6e3925acFor the 74th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with someone a little further away from home than usual, specifically in Galicia.
She has also been working hard on a new campaign called Solidarity With Scotland, which describes itself thusly…
A few months ago, a friend in the USA asked what she could do to help the cause of Scottish independence. “Nothing much,” was my reply, before going on to explain that this is a debate that has to be held within Scotland. However that is not the view of the UK Government, despite Cameron’s protestations that he cannae debate Alex Salmond because he doesn’t have a vote in September. But it turns out that there is something she can do after all.

In January, the Sunday Herald published the news that the UK Foreign Office is heading a campaign to enlist support for Better Together in foreign countries. Wee Wullie Hague wants to hear from you if you have bad things to say about Scottish independence. According to the Herald, the Foreign Office has contacted the governments of China, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the 28 members of the EU in a desperate search for viagra to bolster the flaccid Project Fear.

LetterOne of the things on the site is this letter, translated into many languages, which she is encouraging people to send to embassies around the world. Find out why and much more in the new episode.

Hope you enjoy…

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She also translated her song for us…

Entre nós (Between us) by Uxia (oo-shee-ah)

A wee translation:
Aqui vin, aqui cheguei, aqui me mandaron vir,

I came here, I arrived here , someone told me to come here
Aqui está o meu corazón se o queren recibir
Here it is my heart if they want to receive it


  1. Michael,

    I would like to spread this amongst my friends ( and foes! ).

    Whilst I think I am now helping you towards the 10,000 viewer figure, the facebook icon, that’d let me spread you more widely, simply doesn’t work. It just sticks at the boring icon that says connecting to Facebook.

    I have a Facebook account, and a lot of people I know are interested in more information.

    Do you have a view on how I can resolve this?

    Brilliant stuff, btw.

    best wishes.

  2. Unbelievable brass necked fools , surely this damages the rUK standings in the world view. It’s desperation and stupidity on a galactic level. Thank you again for all your work Michael. Now the world knows how two faced the Westminster is. As if they didn;t already.

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