On This Day, Spare A Thought For The Poor Norwegians

DevelopmentOn their national day, it seems appropriate to commiserate with poor Norway, who after leaving the Union with Sweden, nosedived into a condition of destitution and all-round disaster.

Who knows when things might improve for them and they can be taken back into their union with Sweden, something which they all seem to be clamouring for.

All this should serve as a warning to the people of Scotland because after the Union was dissolved, Scandinavia in general and Norway in particular descended into the abyss. Scandinavia is now synonymous worldwide with crime, poverty, pollution and monolingualism.

People of  Scotland, beware what you wish for, because you just might get it.

See more information on the terrible plight of Norway in the second graphic below.

And please, spare them a thought today.







  1. Nice one Michael .
    Poor Norway indeed . Come on Scotland wakey wakey …… Time to tale our country back.

    YES YES for the sake of our children YES

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