Don’t Call It The Capital Miracle

With thanks to whoever put it on twitter, and adding to the fact that the BBC can’t seem to tell the difference between the Forth Bridge and an oil rig, The Guardian here continues to show its knowledge of all things Scotland…





  1. This is a similar issue to people calling New York the capital of the USA.

    Easy mistake to make if you don’t know the country very well.

    1. Eh, no it’s not. This is an English newspaper, that claims to support the union, making a very basic mistake about Scotland. I think it yet gain shows the arrogance towards and ignorance of Scotland that is all too common in the British establishment.

      1. Exactly, they’re *showing* that they don’t know much about Scotland at all, which is what I said.

        Imagine if I called Bristol the capital of England?

  2. OK for anyone who doesn’t know Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland . Just in case you live far far away in another galaxy
    How the hell can they get that wrong .Geography lesson 101

    And if they get that wrong how in gods name are we supposed to believe anything else

    I enjoy this site Michael , you always find something to get “on my goat”

    I spent 14 years in the Army , in the south of England and everyone knew what Edinburgh was/is , , They called Edinburgh the “Athens of the North” . I was born and still live in Edinburgh and they forgot to mention that at school. But they never mentioned Wallace or Bruce either so its not a big shock that a pro- Journo in an English rag got it wrong..

    Well thats me off to watch the footy at the brand new Wembley .

    1 Hat
    2 scarf
    3 train tickets to Swansea

  3. Illy – last time I went to Bristol there was bunting up on all the lampposts saying “Bristol – World’s Greatest City”. I was wondering if I’d missed a vote or something.

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