For A’ That 43 – Tricky Business

1399149163-883For the 42nd episode of the For A’ That podcast two returning guests joined Andrew and I.

The first of those is Ivan McKee of Business for Scotland and the second is Ruaridh Waddell who is an Aid worker (usually to be found in Zambia, but not at the moment).

Our first topic was the CBI. Who are the winners and losers coming out of the storm regarding their involvement in the Independence Referendum? Who could we get impartial information from if not them?

Are there going to be some grey areas surrounding campaign funding? It would seem so, and Andrew outlined what he saw as some of the problems.

You won’t be getting your pensions in Indy Scotland, except for the fact that, as the letter shows, you will.

Is the Sunday Herald coming out for Yes a big turning point in the campaign or much wahoo about nothing?

Ivan’s friend, IndyCyclist, is doing something interesting too.


DWP_Pensions_After_IndependenceYou can also find out where Cybernat control distributes its orders.

Oh and what’s Rupert Murdoch got to do with chocolate?

There is all that and more.

Hope you enjoy (and if you feel up to helping us along with our running costs you can pop us a donation too.)

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  1. Really enjoy the format of these. 3 or 4 people talking about stuff. Simple but listenable.

  2. The biggest threat to Scottish pensions is the lack of skilled immigrants coming in to help increase the population. That’s only going to get worse if we stick with England.

    “Alistair Sim, director of Universities Scotland revealed on 12th February 2013 that the number of Indian students beginning their studies at Scottish universities in 2011-12 was down significantly compared to 2010-11. The Total of Indian students was down by 25.8%. The number from Pakistan was down by 24.9% and the number from Nigeria fell by 14.1%. Mr Sim blamed these falls on the UK Border Agency.
    A study conducted by Strathclyde University in 2009 found that overseas students contributed about £500m a year to the Scottish economy.”

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