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This almost moved me to tears.

An incredible speech at a Scottish Parliament Committee made by Dennis Curran from the group Loaves and Fishes.

Any time anyone tells you UKOK you should be showing them this video.

Any time anyone tells you we need the UK to be looking after our welfare system, show them this video.



  1. Ditto that hurt to watch and I am well aware of how bads things are. I’m off to post this link to everyone i can. OH THE SHAME ………………….

    For the sake of all our kids please vote YES .

    1. Mr. Curran is doing fantastic work. But a yes vote will make it so much harder for people trying to do the same in the rest of the UK.

      While Scotland may be marginally more socially minded than England, the difference is much less significant than the SNP want you to think.

      It’s true that Scotland should not be governed by a tory government it didn’t vote for; neither should the rest of the UK. Only 25% of English people voted Tory in 2010; it was the electoral system, not the people, who put them in government. Scottish votes denied them an outright majority; please believe that your friends in England are more grateful and appreciative than you have been told.

      I totally understand why many Scottish people would want to be independent; but please be aware for the many many Denis Currans south of the border, losing your help would be devastating.

      If autonomy is the issue, of course Scotland must be free to be independent. But if your concern is for the poor, then please know that we can do more to fight it together than we can apart.

      1. Charlie, I feel your pain; but I don’t believe that staying together is the answer. We tried to change the electoral system, and it failed. The Lib Dems self-destructed, and we’re stuck with a two-party system in which neither party represents the Labour movement, with UKIP on the ascendancy.

        The independence debate itself, though, has had a re-invigorating effect on politics in Scotland. People who usually have no interest in politics are getting involved because they actually believe that change is possible. If Scotland gains independence, the rest of the UK will have to take stock of where it is and where it wants to be. And hopefully we will be able to set a good example. Certainly Scotland would have much less chance of independence if we didn’t have the Scandinavian model to point to.

      2. The idea that an independent Scotland would set an example for the rest of the UK would be great, but the problem is that the majority of us already DO want that and we are denied it by an electoral system which lets in Tory governments which the majority of voters don’t want.

        It’s true that the Lib Dems may be self destructing. That means that the polls are projecting a very slim majority of somewhere between 1 and 40 seats for Labour in 2015, which means they would have the power to reverse anything the current government have done – for everyone in the UK. But since 40-50 of those MPs would have come from Scotland, the result of the independence referendum is likely to determine the outcome of the 2015 UK elections. Scottish votes might not have made a huge difference to UK results in the past, but in 2015 they will be a gamechanger for all of us. With you, it’s likely to at least be a Labour/Lib Dem coalition – almost certainly with further devolution and hopefully with electoral reform. Without you, a Tory majority becomes a real possibility and everything goes out of the window.

        Like I say, I am entirely on board with the autonomy argument – you must have to have the right to choose your own destiny. And for those who believe that the poor in Scotland are more deserving of help than the poor in the rest of the UK, then voting to separate is the honest thing to do. But please, please don’t believe that independence will help the poor or working people in the UK overall.

      3. This is rubbish. If England were too vote separately it would very likely return a Tory government every time, as it is, England is the oily country that does not have its own government,, instead we are gioverned by a common UK government. I would vote English democrats if they could make a difference. I hope that Scotland gets independence as it will mean that my country is closer to self-governance. It might even mean free education, free prescriptions and free healthcare in old age, all things the Scots get unde this very unfair UK government.

      4. “which means [Labour] would have the power to reverse anything the current government have done – for everyone in the UK”

        You must be kidding. They’ll be too busy trying to court Tory voters who are disillusioned with their own party’s attempts to court UKIP voters.

        They might get in anyway, with the right being split (the silver lining of having rejected AV). But undo what the Tories have done? It was Labour that started half of that stuff.

      5. It is a sad fact that the worst excesses of the unelected govt and the elite are held back by the Scottish peoples sanity in their voting.. does England really deserve this help or should it be left to it’s own devices, which might actually help the people here see the true nature of the beast and wake them up..

      6. what you fail to realise mike is Scotland puts more into the government than what it gets out, and why do we get free prescriptions, is because we dont have the population as down south, so our budget goes further, and not what half the folk down south seem to think, that they are funding it, i for one am voting yes for independence

      7. Stephen ” Scotland puts more into the government than what it gets out” What on earth do you mean by that – please explain?

        “we dont have the population as down south, so our budget goes further”

        Really? that does not make an sense at all. The reason it goes further is because you are given more to spend

      8. Mike Patterson. What he means is that Scotland contributes more tax per head than it receives back from westminster as Scotland’s budget. This is a well publicised fact. We simply choose to spend more of our budget on healthcare, education, etc than Westminster chooses to spend likewise in England.

      9. Mike Paterson says:

        May 11, 2014 at 14:26

        This is rubbish. If England were too vote separately it would very likely return a Tory government every time, as it is, England is the oily country that does not have its own government,, instead we are gioverned by a common UK government. I would vote English democrats if they could make a difference. I hope that Scotland gets independence as it will mean that my country is closer to self-governance. It might even mean free education, free prescriptions and free healthcare in old age, all things the Scots get unde this very unfair UK government

        Mike, I to hope we win our fight for Independence from Westminster and if that helps your country even better but I think your dream of Free Education, free healthcare and free prescriptions is just that a “dream” we have Alex Salmond and the SNP to thank for what we have now, not Westminster.

      10. Sorry but you are talking total rubbish if you think this, stop playing on this man’s heartfelt plea,,The Mr Currans of Scotland and England would always work together and the way Scotland votes has never had any influence on the UK government outcome no matter how you twist the figures

      1. Mike Patterson. What he means is that Scotland contributes more tax per head than it receives back from westminster as Scotland’s budget. This is a well publicised fact. We simply choose to spend more of our budget on healthcare, education, etc than Westminster chooses to spend likewise in England.

    2. From what I can tell he is talking to a Scottish Government committee, the Scottish government has responsibility for ‘anti-poverty measures and welfare’. This means that it is very likely the government departments he talks about dealing with are Scottish government so their failings are not the fault of the Westminster government.

      1. Please outline the ‘anti-poverty measures and welfare’ powers that the Scottish Parliament has control of. I expect this will come as a surprise to practically everyone, since it does not have the powers you suggest.

    3. The Loaves and Fishes charity was involved in the murder of Angelika Kluk in St Patrick Church Glasgow, 2006. I read that they had disbanded because of this.

      1. They weren’t involved, a person that volunteered occasionally for the charity was guilty of the murder, in fact Dennis Curran was instrumental in the capture and conviction of the murderer, so please get your facts straight before making such a scandalous observation.

      2. Dennis Curran is shamelessly exploiting food banks to redeem himself and his charity. A simple answer is that, in an Independent Scotland churches will be forced to pay their rates & taxes and will no longer be allowed to charge exorbitant rates for chaplaincy services to the NHS, Prisons and the armed-forces. Chaplaincy services should be on a voluntary basis only.
        Had justice been done Dennis Curran and Father Nugent should have been arrested and charged with being part and parcel of the protection of a serial child-murderer, the sexual exploitation of Angelika Kluk and her subsequent murder – it wouldn’t have happened if Curran and Nugent hadn’t been working in tandem. And think of all the other young teenagers that were sexually exploited there. There was the magistrate from Ayr, married, who was known to be screwing Angela. The people that turned a blind eye to this are sick perverts. And you Michael Greenwell are an apologist for this.

      3. Paul Hamilton – you should be ashamed, willingly buying into this crap. You call me a liar – give me an instance. “Archbishop Conti acknowledged today that Fr Nugent’s ministry will always be connected to events surrounding Angelika’s death”. Curran was part and parcel of the abuse of young girls in St Patricks by turning a blind eye. It’s all about money and power. Now he’s back again exploiting food banks to recover his identity as a good guy – I don’t believe it. In an Independent Scotland the likes of Curran and the Loaves & Fishes charity will be flushed down the toilet.

  2. This is exactly why we have to get ourselves away from the Westminster government. If there is one thing independence can do, it can lead us to a more equal, caring and civilised society. Let us remind everybody that Westminster is telling us that even greater austerity cuts are on the way, oh, and , of course we are all in it together………….

    1. There will be no independence. It’s just an excuse for rule by Brussels. Southern Europe is far worse off than we are 40 per cent unemployment. The SNP wanted to join the Euro. Clueless

      1. You sir, are an idiot. It is you – Anonymous, that is clueless. Back up your assertion with evidence that what you say will ever be the case or will happen.

        And you miss the BASIC points of the whole push for independence !

      2. silly comment. There is no more reason to suppose that an independent Scotland will remain in the EU than if we remain in the UK. In case you did not realise the SNP are NOT the only party in Scotland & may not be voted in after independence. It is also entirely possible that the SNP may decide in the future that remaining in the EU will not after all be best for us. The EU debate is one for AFTER indy . Stop with the stupid distractions please. A vote for independence is just that – it is NOT about the EU.

      3. If you’re so sure your views are correct why are you posting under “anonymous’?? You obviously don’t have the power of your convictions if you don’t want to be associated with your beliefs. Shame on you is the perfect comment for this dunderhead!!!

  3. Not been so moved in a long time. Mr Curran speaks with so much passion, yet it is still happening. We have a foodbank in Kirkcudbright. My wife and I get food every week for it.

    1. I am far from a bleeding heart, wishy washy, liberal, first of all. I was deeply moved by Mr. Curran’s words. It is wrong, on so many levels, for people to be hungry in this day and age. From my personal experience; from 1986, until they came of age, I raised my children on my own, after divorcing their father. We lived in Edinburgh. There were, and still are, many people in similar situations. The way I saw it was that I worked before having my children, I paid my dues, and their father was working to pay the government the child support that, for the larger amount, constituted my benefits. People like me are not sponging from the benefit system in reality. If you take it that communities used to work together, in parishes etc. and the families would be helped by those who had the means; then these folks on benefits have relatives that work and pay taxes and dues and, in reality, these people on benefits are being supported by their families.
      I fully understand how some people could be driven, by despair, towards criminal acts; stealing a loaf of bread to feed hungry children. I can also see that there are a tremendous amount of people who feel entitled and just ‘want’ more. I believe that to be a generational thing, children who are overly indulged, and who find themselves without means suddenly could just ‘take’ what they think they should have. I believe that education is a key in all of this, however, hungry children cannot focus on the things they need to learn and we get caught up in a vicious, downward, spiral. Whatever the parents sins were the children should NOT have to suffer. There are people in society who have chosen to turn to alcohol and drugs to block out the situation they find themselves in. While I do believe that alcohol and drugs are a choice these folks make, and that they are still accountable, I also believe that their children should be educated, fed and educated, to understand how, and why, these things happen; in order for these children to make better choices.
      There is also the viewpoint that to keep ‘giving’ to these children is enabling the parents to continue with their habits. I do urge people to consider that these children are very much aware of what’s going on and a great many of them will not follow in their parents’ footsteps if they are given opportunities, fed, clothed and sheltered and educated, during their formative years. What happens, in my personal opinion, is that we get successive changes in power and each have their own beliefs and each leave one God awful mess behind for the other to clean up, with regard to society at large, and the people in power are sheltered from it all, insulated if you like, because the do not know poverty first hand. I hope society gets it soon!! Whether from my viewpoint or from others who may have more valid, even better, opinions to offer than I do.

      1. My Senses Call me,…From the Heart the Wordies Flow Gently from Your Breath…Strong Words, Good Words, ..The Words of a Warrior Woman………….*

    2. Well done Drew, I donate to my local food bank with two bags of shopping every fortnight, it is a fundamental right of any human being in any society to have food in their stomach, and each of us than can help, should.

  4. What has this got to do with independence?
    it very moving but we already have a Scottish parliament with the power to do something about this. Stop using spin and emotional blackmail to turn everything into pro independence propaganda

    1. We have a right wing government we didn’t vote for. If you cannot relate a Tory government to an increase in the gap of distribution of wealth then you have missed out on some serious political converse

      1. I completely agree with Allan. Scotland has the highest levels of deprivation in Europe and growing.
        The SNP have wasted a good part of 2 years focussing their energy into the independence debate, rather than what is going on right now in Scotland.
        They have the power, as it stands, to improve the Scottish Benefits system. Reduce levels of unemployment, provide more child care support to get more women into work, yet all these potential improvements- the SNP tell us- can only be made in an independent Scotland.
        They have the power to do these things right now but instead of taking action, they pull on heart strings, provoking nationalism and forcing the notion upon us that independence would give way to a much more equal society.
        I feel by cutting our ties with the rest of the UK, not only in the public sector, but also the private sector notably charities who work on a UK wide basis, Scotland will be shooting itself in the foot and reducing a wide network of help it is open to.
        Further, it is undeniable that independence would be costly. It would mean setting up new state bodies from social work to environmental agencies and the oil money will simply not cover this.
        Finally, much can be said about the economic prospect of an independent Scotland. Globally, economists have remarked and the consensus is that Scotland would struggle financially to support itself. This doesn’t simply refer to our big businesses. It refers to every Scot. And I for one, will not tolerate the levels of deprivation in this country being exacerbated by notions of ‘nationalism’ that falsely proclaim a more equal country.
        If we vote yes, we will be unjustly putting the most vulnerable in our society at more risk of unemployment, hunger and poverty.

        Bring on the trolls who accuse of me of scaremongering- I’m fed up of No voters being seen as sceptics, and given abuse. Many of us No voters are being cautious, and not letting our hearts rule our heads.

      2. “The SNP have wasted a good part of 2 years focussing their energy into the independence debate”

        It’s called having a long-term outlook, and it’s a rare pleasure to see in politics. Only the Greens have a similarly bold perspective, and they’re pro-independence too.

        And where are you getting you economic “facts” from? See e.g.:

      3. “Scottish Government has welfare responsibilities, they are at least equally to blame for this.”

        I agree with you that the Scottish Government could have done more about this. But they’re trying to address the cause rather than just the symptoms.

    2. Westminster sets the size of the Scottish budget. If there are cuts in England and Wales, proportional cuts happen in Scotland.

    3. Well said. The guy is passionate but a bit all over the place, UK has a great record on reactive poverty, no one starves either. See article on my blog. #negativenats I note Bizforscot as influence here, meh.

      1. We’re certainly better at voting for governments who care more about the welfare of the poor.

      2. Oh please. I’ve heard many voices from the north of England suggesting – only partly ironically – that they could perhaps be annexed and included in a post-Yes Scotland, so as to move away from London-centric, laissez-faire, pure market based economic decision making. This has nothing to do with nationality, at least not for me personally. I’m very much an internationalist. Independence is about removing ourselves from a system in which we have next to no representative power at all. I am not suggesting that things would automatically be better if the ship was steered from Holyrood, but at least we would be able to attempt self-rule. Would you rather live your life in relative comfort with most of your decisions being made for you, or risk a few harsh winters while retaining much more control of your own life? Somewhat forced analogy, but I’m sure you get the gist.

      3. Cause we want a fairer system
        Bedroom tax will be axed
        Costs £1200 to take a case to an industrial tribunal if you make a claim
        Unprecedented rise in Foodbanks
        No private NHS
        No tuition fees for Scots kids
        Much much more
        UK Gov are ending all state aid using Austerity as a blunt tool
        To take away the safety net for people

      4. We are not saying we are better than anyone, what we are saying is, we don’t want everyone saying what’s better for us! We have a voice, being independent enables us, to make choices closer to home.

      5. Not necessarily but they have a better insight and understanding of Scottish issues. In the same way any Scottish party has.

    1. The Scottish parliament has a range of powers (under devolution) that they could use to greatly reduce, or completely remove, the need for food banks. They don’t use them. You should learn what powers we currently have before shouting about the need for independence.

    1. Who said that you sanctimonious PRICK? Watch the bloody thing! Well saying you posted anonymous! Tosser!

      1. So, anyone who disagrees with you is a prick/sanctimonious. Says it all really.

      2. I watched it, he has a small amount of local experience and does not want to hear peoples plights, no smile no parcel. He gets involved in workers rights and government space allocation, we did not get to hear responses. He is obviously passionate about what he does and it makes for good emotional blackmail for the uninformed. Food bank’s have existed in USA Canada and Europe and the rest of the UK for years. The UK has a good record on relative poverty, please look that term up if you do not already know it. NO one starves in the UK due to policy. Every individual has circumstances unique to them, we are not a nanny state, we have no bottomless pit of money. I have empathy with anyone struggling, been unemployed myself three times, but there is help, benefits are a safety net, not a way of life. Food banks rarely do repeat business and they are a very useful addition to the range of charitable assistance available. There is no evidence whatsoever that an independent Scotland could or indeed would manage “poverty” any better, note the pathetic lack of proper policy and costing’s (and tax policy) in the white paper, in particular the disastrous child care proposals. The indy movement is strong on emotion but lacking in solid detail. We, the people of the UK are stronger together, weaker apart. To finish, what have we been doing for 15 years? what powers have we used to fight poverty? Salmond even backs the welfare cap, unless he’s changed his mind on that as well.

    2. No, we realise that there are food banks everywhere under Westminster rule, and we’re hoping to set an example to our southern neighbours that it doesn’t have to be that way.

      1. Westminster Rule? what is it with u negativenats? we have a representative democracy, 1 man 1 vote, we have contributed to government and decision making for 307 years, u are already mentally separated so cant look at things objectively, which is why people like me, who see the pitfalls of indy are called anti Scottish, bullies and scaremongers. The longer I am involved in this debate it is clear to me and the undecided that its the desperate 33% of Yes voters who are negative, using WM as a whipping boy, So glad its going to be a no, then perhaps we can get on with improving the UK.

  5. If you think Independence is going to magically change anything I pity you, this problem has nothing to do with borders, there is very little compassion in Politics and that will not change one iota.
    Everyone should do more than listen to this even if only donating to your local food bank.

    1. Independence will not magically change anything. It will however allow us to elect a government of our choosing. It will allow us to choose a government which does not accept such poverty and inequality. We will have the sovereign power to set a new direction.

      1. You seem to be under the impression that we cannot already choose a government?
        That, or you seem to think the scottish people care more about inequality and poverty than the rest of the UK, which is offensive

    2. Changing more than an iota is what it’s all about. London is not for turning. There’s only Indy OR REVOLUTION (laughs manically) & that’s just not cricket old boy!

    3. Given that we are the 6th wealthiest nation in the world it is a disgrace that there are food banks. So yes Dave give to food banks but i suggest you also put your energy into tackling the politicians. Independence will @ least put us outside the Tory policy’s of looking after the rich and treating the poor like serfs. We never vote for them ( Tories) but get stuck with them every time the south of the UK put them in.

    4. i agree that donating will help but having more control over a smaller country where the politicians don’t all think they’re superstars that are untouchable by common folk can only help the little person be heard more? I’d rather have Scottish politicians screwing me over anyway with the option of being heard than what it is now. Like many of us I have low expectations until i see some action, especially on the small business front but I’d take a chance on independence. Change is hard but turns up some unforeseen positive options sometimes…..

    5. it could change it if Scotland decides to have it’s ow central bank owned by it’s new government and country and not owned by the banking cartel as in every other country.

  6. Pity not required, thank you. I don’t think Indy will magically change everything but it will give us the tools to sort it out if we choose to do so.

    I think the compassion element will change in Indy.

    Already donate, thanks very much.

  7. fine and well if the people coming really dont have or get money for benefits but what about the ones that do,, then spend it on drugs fags drink… THEN say they have no
    money to feed the kids…. they should stop issuing money and issue food stamps.

    1. Better a hundred innocent children go hungry than one “scrounger” slips through the cracks, eh?

      The entirety of benefit fraud is estimated to be £1.2b — the same as HMRC just gifted Bernie Ecclestone.

      Get some perspective!

      1. @Anonymous. It appears to me that you’re. practicing your litigation skills with plays on semantics primarily. But you are good at obfuscation of the issues. It is common knowlege that “statistics” are easily manipulated to serve as support for your opinions. Discuss like a knowledgeable person rather than a courtroom play.

      2. You’ve never said a truer word!! If the little folk don’t pay they’re taken to court. Not so for the rich and famous!! Chase the non- payers and we’d have no need to worry about ‘benefit scroungers’!!

    2. Tax avoidance £70 billion plus with only 300 HMRC investigators benefit fraud £0.5 to a £l billion yet over 3000 HMRC investigators so target the less well off first to teach them a lesson awfully similar to what went on in Germany in the 1930’s.

    3. OMG!! Did you watch loaves and fishes you sanctimonious person? Be eternally grateful it’s not YOU begging for food in this day and age and only junkies etc!! “O tae have the gift to see ourselves as others see us….” God help us all if this is how folk feel after watching that heart- breaking video.

      1. Sorry this was posted in the wrong place and I don’t want to offend the person who made the previous post!! First time doing this so I’m a bit out of touch with the method!

    4. these people are in the minority the greed and corruption starts at the top of the tree,unregulated banking which put us into 1.3 trillion in debt and they point the finger of blame on the poor,politicians going hand in hand with with unregulated banks and corporations who dont pay a penny tax are the real villains.

  8. Anyone who thinks the UK isnt broken , That we are BETTERTOGETHER??? , Watch this video about the real struggle for some on benefits

    Tell me the UK Government is doing or has done a good job over the past how ever many years




  9. Even if these bad parents do spend their money on the wrong things, don’t penalise the children. It is shocking that there is so much poverty in Scotland in 2014.

  10. We are regular donators to the local foodbank but as much as people do it will never be enough until the UK government wake up and realise the system is severely broken. God bless you Dennis Curran for making such a passionate speech.

  11. Empathy is the sparse ingredient that harbours genuine charity. Genuine charity is not a judge and cares not how a brother or sister or child is brought low [‘though in this present society it’s pretty obvious as to how]. Fear and insecurity is growing to unacceptable levels in those of our People [EVERYWHERE] who are given no viable means to survive; Be that gainful employment, stable housing, or social buffers and benefits. Any human misfortune is viewed as self inflicted or a “machination” of thieves [pots and kettles? Glass houses? Total bad faith and hypocrisy? You pick one!], by a modern class of people who, ‘though ostensibly highly educated, have no empathy (or much imagination come to that) and are blinded by a false sense of superiority, inherited wealth and where “self-made” more often means “Highway Robbery” or, and more insidiously in “ordinary people”, over-aspiration to, or blind worship of same. Honest self analysis would also be a big help from us all!

    1. >Honest self analysis would also be a big help from us all!

      You are correct. I need to do more and I presume that I am not alone.

  12. ‘Building a society that’s worthwhile’.

    Thatcher, one of the greatest advocates of welfare cuts, said, in that notorious speech, ‘[People] are casting their problem on society’.

    Whereas I think that today’s society, with all its inequality, prejudice and corruption, is casting its problem on them.

  13. This is more about our Scottish Government is failing as everything more or less comes under local government that is controlled by Hollyrood.

    1. Welfare is a reserved matter, therefore not controlled by Holyrood. The best we can do is mitigate, hence the robbing from other pots to offset the bedroom tax. This means some other area will now be underfunded in Scotland, just to hand the money back to Westminster!
      We also currently have control over only 7% of matters. This will rise to about 12% when the Scotland Act comes into force. This doesn’t include full taxation or spend, defence, welfare etc.
      With a Yes vote we can have 100% of powers to transform our economy. Tax paid in Scotland will benefit the people of Scotland rather than subsidising the City of London, House of Lords, the Commons, HS2, Trident, London sewers upgrade, immoral wars etc.
      We can genuinely put an end to poverty, social exclusion leading to crime, drug and alcohol abuse and rebuild a country where it’s not just the rich who are valued.

      1. Here here!! I know nothing about the statistics but I know need when I see it and this man is showing us all that there is great need out there and we need to do something about it ASAP. I’m the same as a previous poster. I’d rather be done over by Scots than the millionaire cabinet down south!

  14. I am 97% of Scottish decendence. At this moment there is exactly the same breed of person rubbing their hands and putting out spin for Independence as there sits in Westminster. Politicians only serve themselves. If you think a Scottish parliament will do any good you are mistaken. it will be made of more Caesars and Napoleans. You are united against the English(why when so many of you live here??) when we should all be united against the privileged sociopaths who rule us. A person who doesnt have functioning empathy should not make any decisions concerning peoples lives yet these are the sort of people who make it in politics through their ruthlessness….i am using my real name.

    1. If you think that Scottish independence is about uniting against the English, you haven’t been paying attention. And yes, there will be self-serving politicians in Holyrood, but they will be more answerable to the Scottish people, and the Scottish people undeniably vote to the left of the UK as a whole.

    2. When we get our Independence after voting YES in September, in the period of time between then and 2016, there will be one whole helluva lot of that time spent on making the rules for our own country. These will include rules to govern our country with respect for the people, something that Westminster has lost all reality with. I hope we will have learnt a great deal from the way Westminster has failed to show equality by drawing a much wider divisive line between the rich and the poor.

  15. Oh don’t you dare. Don’t present yourself as the defenders of the poor/hungry because you want separation and by extension, label opponents as the cruel who don’t care about them. Independence is a constitutional change, not a social one. It will not make ANY difference to the fact of people being poor and people being hungry. Scots are NOT better people than other brits – there are some selfish scots and there are some very kind scots, just like English people, welsh people – hell, EVERY other nationality. This varied population will mean governments like the current one are just as likely in an independent Scotland.

    1. Oh don’t you dare. Don’t pretend that just because there are some selfish Scots and some kind Scots, just like every other nationality, that it’s not possible to make statistical judgments about whether the aggregate population of an independent Scotland is more likely to vote in governments who care about social welfare than governments voted in by the UK as a whole.

      1. ‘it’s not possible to make statistical judgments about whether the aggregate population of an independent Scotland is more likely to vote in governments who care about social welfare than governments voted in by the UK as a whole’
        See there is quite an offensive implication there. You are trying to say that scots care more about social welfare, which is just not true and is offensive to other Brits. What is your statistical judgment then? Scottish socialist majority? SNP majority (despite the fact that most indy campaigners will tell you independence is nothing about the SNP) ? And what are you basing this judgment on?

      2. “You are trying to say that scots care more about social welfare, which is just not true and is offensive to other Brits… what are you basing this judgment on?”

        When was the last time Scotland voted for a Tory government?

        And please don’t try to play the “offended” card. Should I, as a man, take offence if someone points out that more rapes are committed by men than women? Some things are just statements of fact.

      3. Scotland had tory majorities up till the 1960s. It fell after that but that was the same with the rest of the UK what with the popularity of harold wilson etc. Obviously I’m not going to say that the tories are popular now in Scotland. Obviously with the onset of New Labour in the 1990s, Labour persuaded a lot of tory voters to come over to them. What you also seem to be forgetting is not that everyone votes on ideological grounds – some people vote for all sorts of reason – their class, the party leaders, history of the party. In Scotland, the name of the tory party is toxic so it’s obviously unpopular to vote for them, even if you did have right-leaning views.
        You cannot seriously be claiming that by virtue of our nationality, we have a different political alignment.
        ‘And please don’t try to play the “offended” card. Should I, as a man, take offence if someone points out that more rapes are committed by men than women? Some things are just statements of fact.’ hahaha, so you admit it then? You think scots DO care more about social welfare? This shows the true nature of you nationalists – you believe you are better people than the other Brits just by virtue of being scottish. This is nationalism at its ugliest. It is, of course, not a fact that scots care more about social welfare – it is an ASSERTION.
        You also did not give your ‘statistical judgment’ of what party will be in power in an independent Scotland.

      4. “hahaha, so you admit it then? You think scots DO care more about social welfare? This shows the true nature of you nationalists – you believe you are better people than the other Brits just by virtue of being scottish.”

        I was born in England, grew up in England, have an English mother, and my father, though born in Glasgow, has lived in England since he was 7.

        Next you’ll be saying that because USA and Sweden are different countries, it’s just ugly nationalism if the Swedes aren’t happy to be ruled from Washington.

        What you don’t seem to realise is that I, like many others, believe in localisation of decision-making as a matter of principle. For historical reasons, we have a chance to implement that in north Britain. Why shouldn’t we take that chance?

      5. Well you seem to think Scots are better than other nationalities – that’s nationalism to me.
        ‘What you don’t seem to realise is that I, like many others, believe in localisation of decision-making as a matter of principle. For historical reasons, we have a chance to implement that in north Britain. Why shouldn’t we take that chance?’

        Seems you’ve made a complete change of argument…
        What is the localisation of decision-making? You want decision making in the hands of local authorities? Why would that require independence? :/ Local authorities in the UK already make a lot of decisions. Unless you meant in the hands of the Scottish Parliament… why? You can’t just state ‘as a matter of principle’. You need to give rational reasons why where the decisions are made makes a difference.

        ‘Next you’ll be saying that because USA and Sweden are different countries, it’s just ugly nationalism if the Swedes aren’t happy to be ruled from Washington’
        Cringe… Scotland and England are part of the same country: the United Kingdom. If the United States and Sweden did unify to become the same country then decisions could be made in Washington.

      6. “Well you seem to think Scots are better than other nationalities – that’s nationalism to me.”

        Are you being deliberately obtuse? I’ve said that Scots have different voting patterns to other nationalities. That’s no more nationalist than it would be racist to say that a white person is more likely to suffer sunburn under equatorial midday sun than a black person would be.

        “Unless you meant in the hands of the Scottish Parliament… why? You can’t just state ‘as a matter of principle’. You need to give rational reasons why where the decisions are made makes a difference.”

        Holyrood is politically more representative of the people of North Britain than Westminster is. Do you disagree?

        “Cringe… Scotland and England are part of the same country: the United Kingdom.”

        To clarify your argument here: “Scotland and England should be in a political union because Scotland and England are in a political union.”

        “If the United States and Sweden did unify to become the same country then decisions could be made in Washington.”

        And do you think the decisions taken in Washington would be representative of the will of the people of Sweden?

      7. ‘Holyrood is politically more representative of the people of North Britain than Westminster is. Do you disagree?’
        Yes, because Westminster is representative of the whole of the British people. That would only be a problem if you had a problem with the rest of the British people. And Holyrood is hardly VERY representative if you consider the fact that turnout is often below 50% (nobody cares about the scottish parliament elections).

        ‘To clarify your argument here: “Scotland and England should be in a political union because Scotland and England are in a political union.” No, that is not my argument and you know it isn’t. You compared it to one sovereign state (one that is also on a different continent) having control over another sovereign state. It is nothing like that. Scotland and England are the same sovereign state.

      8. “Yes, because Westminster is representative of the whole of the British people.”

        Yet more proof-by-definition.

        “That would only be a problem if you had a problem with the rest of the British people.”

        I prefer coffee to tea. According to you, this means I have a problem with anyone who drinks tea.

      9. Sorry I don’t understand either point you made.
        Please elaborate what you meant by ‘proof by definition’?
        Then something about not liking tea drinkers. You said you only want a parliament that represents the scottish people. Why not a Parliament that represents all of the British people? What’s wrong with other British people?

      10. “Please elaborate what you meant by ‘proof by definition’?”

        You have defined Britain to be atomic, whereas it’s clear that the northern and southern parts have markedly different electoral wants.

    2. Yep, I absolutely agree with u, trouble is when u r anon they discount your words. Most of the posters here using the vid as emotional blackmail have not looked at the UKs standing ion the world re poverty, at how we are winning the war against child poverty and how Scotland according to the joseph rowntree trust is doing even better than England, not through scotgov, u need to read report.

      1. “In 1999 Britain had a higher proportion of children in poverty than any other western European nation. Since then, 600,000 have been lifted above the breadline; we’re still bottom, only now we share the ignominy with Italy and Spain.”

        It doesn’t surprise me that Scotland is doing better than England, but that’s hardly the yardstick by which we want to measure ourselves.

      2. It is not the rest of the UKs fault or problem though is it? It’s not the current governments fault is it? Note someone/child in relative poverty here, can be a multiple better off than someone in say Spain, and defo better than certain third world countries. I know we all can do better, I just hate the use of poverty as an attack on the UK. HR have done nothing about it and have no definitive plans for a post indy Scotland. Poverty is not and should not be an separatist political football.

      3. “It is not the rest of the UKs fault or problem though is it? It’s not the current governments fault is it?”

        Yes, it is the current government’s fault (and the previous government, to a large extent). Whether this makes it the rUK electorate’s fault is debatable, but it’s certainly their problem.

        As for relative poverty, yes, the UK is not the worst place in the world to live, but if you think that absolves us of responsibility, I couldn’t disagree more.

        “HR have done nothing about it”

        I don’t know who you mean by “HR”.

      4. Holyrood. No one is absolved of responsibility, but I hope you understand that using poverty as discerning difference between cUK and Scotland is just nonsense.

      5. So how is Scotland doing better than England at reducing poverty, if not through the actions of Holyrood?

    3. Why do you keep changing your argument? Why can’t you keep on one subject for a minute?
      How am I defining Britain as atomic? I’m saying Westminster is representative of the whole of the British public because there’s MPs for every area. Obviously less MPs for Scotland because there’s less people there.
      How do we have completely different electoral wants? You have failed to prove this even though I have asked you how your nationality defines your politics and you have failed to give a sufficient definition.
      And you failed to answer my question in the above comment.

      1. My argument is that Westminster does not represent Scotland. I haven’t changed it at all.

        You argument is that because Westminster represents the UK (definitionally), that it also represents Scotland, because Scotland is part of the UK.

        Let’s say you have 50 people, and a coach with 50 seats, and a car with 5 seats. And 45 of the people want to go to Place A, and 5 want to go to Place B. What you’re saying is effectively that because the coach has 50 seats, all 50 people have to go to place A.

        On the question of Scotland having different electoral wants: if you haven’t noticed that Scotland has overwhelmingly rejected Tory governments for the last 30 years at least, then there’s really no point in further discussion with you.

  16. My goodness, this is heating up. Of course poverty won`t be eradicated by independence, but one thing I am absolutely certain of, is that no Scottish Government would get away with blatant attacks upon the poorest in our society. Westminster imposed the bedroom tax and the welfare cap ( to mention but two ) , while at the same time allowing bankers to pocket massive bonuses. Nonetheless, there is every chance they will be returned at the next election, in order to impose the next round of austerity cuts. There is a clear desire in Scotland to create a more equal, yet still meritocratic, society. Most of us, feel that we have given Westminster every chance over the past 300 years, and yet look at what we have got. Our desire for independence is not based upon feelings of superiority, nor of rejection of all things English. We are just becoming aware that .things don`t have to be as Westminster tells us

  17. am so confused i really am but i am not a youngster but i need to know what to do … i am a believer if you want people to work pay them a days wage for a days work but don’t expect people to work for peanuts… dont expect people who are ill to rise and feel better to work if they can’t feed themselves, keep themselves warm and have dignity … which government can give people dignity again. people are broken, hitting rock bottom some want to ended it cos they see no way out … which party will help them? which party will help heal the broken and restore the dignity people deserve. can anyone tell me?

    1. Hi,     Peerhaps one way to solve your dilemma is to ask, who got us into the situation you describe in your post. Then ask if you can trust them to make things better ,                                 Brendan.


      1. James is this dilemma being talked about the one created by the banks, Royal Bank of Scotland in particular, being allowed by Gordon Brown & Tony Blair to almost bring down the Global economy? The solution, chosen by the current numpties, is to punish those who have least while letting the people who caused it retire with millions in their pockets! This hurt the whole of the UK not just Scotland and was jointly overseen by Politicians of all shades, many of them Scottish. Independence has to be something that the Scottish people truly want rather than merely an escape from the Elite’s in London many of whom own land North of the border. Personally I think it would help the North East where I’m from; where despite being more deprived than most of Scotland we receive barely a third per head of population of Government spending thanks to the misused Barnett formula that even Lord |Barnett says is no longer fit for purpose.
        Austerity is a real pain, as someone who has had serious health issue’s for many years can attest to, but it is no reason for Independence.

    2. amusingsoul,
      to be honest with you my friend, I think this question is at the root of the referendum campaign and its growing transformation into a genuine grass root social movement. Folk like myself (and by the sounds of things you) are sick to death with the lack of political voices of power that actually reflect those commonly held basic human values that you so eloquently express. Not one Party with a chance of power at a UK level even pays lip service to such principles any more, never mind having the political will and talent to embark on the kind of radical political and social revolution that would now be be required. Not one Party !

      How bad has it now become, that expecting fellow citizens should not starve is considered some sort of a radical position by our political betters in the palace Westminster ?! This is where three hundred years of the ‘Greatest Union in history’ has brought us.

      I am voting YES in September for the revolutionary act that it is! The current establishment that’s responsible for the horrors of our society certainly recognise it for revolution and the Scots voting public has fast cottoned on too!

      I foresee very little in our Scottish political universe being able to remain unchanged by a YES vote and that certainly includes the current stances on poverty and wealth distribution of our current political parties. In fact i foresee a radical realignment of individuals, whether between parties or in the death and rebirth of new, better suited movements.

      So in short amusingsoul, lets get a YES, gain our sovereign power and then use it to start creating the political system and bodies that finally truly do democratically represent us. Sorry for the length of this reply and for the long hard slog ahead of us that it implies. It will happen much quicker than we think though and the excitement of a society in complete renewal in so many different levels will be a joy to live through and an honour to help shape.

      With folk like Denis Curran to teach us our future is bright.

      Vote YES!

      1. thank you for your reply braco and explaining it a little clearer, i moved from England to Scotland and to be honest from what i seen and heard people are mixed in there thinking. some are scared of the unknown, broken promises, will the Scottish people have more powered if the Scottish government ruled Scotland or will those in power be come like those in power in the English governments what are the safe guards to stop what happening in England happening in Scotland. England is going backwards in looking after its people making sure all are looked after those who are able to work and those who are not. in my mind i can see England bring in work houses, bringing in a greater divided between those that have and those who don’t have. what are the safe guard that it wont happen here if we vote yes? will voting yes safe guard the things we have now here like free medicine etc … what about education etc i am sure these things worry people a lot and will there be a limit of wage that an mp can have and claim for? etc … or do they have a open purse? so many questions.

      2. amusingsoul,
        Hi again and sorry for he delay in answering you. Yes there are a lot of questions and no one should try to kid on otherwise. The thing is most of these questions will apply no matter which way the vote goes in September. I will do my best to answer some of them though.

        First of all amusingsoul I have to say that as adults we all know that life has no guarantees. Treating us like adults is something that the Better Together and UK government side has singularly failed to do. They talk as if somehow a NO vote will stop all future uncertainty and political change (especially around funding of our welfare state) and a YES vote will plunge us all into an uncertainty minefield!

        So lets agree from the start here that the issue is not uncertainty, it’s about which future direction on offer to us on September 18th, when considered carefully in a realistic and adult fashion, offers us the best chance at making the changes to our society we so desperately need and want to happen.

        Having said that though amusingsoul let me now run through all your questions and try to answer them as best I can with the info I have gathered from over the years.

        Will the Scots have more power or will we end up just like the UK again?
        Well this is in two parts I think.
        1. We already have a far fairer voting system in place here in Scotland that means every vote actually counts and is therefor listened to much closer by our politicians. This is why we have so many more Political parties (and importantly the chance of other new ones) being electable to our Parliament. The real problem at the moment is that our more representative Parliament has very limited powers whereas the totally unrepresentative Westminster Parliament is still in Financial control. And we both know that who ever holds the purse strings calls the shots!
        2. In the event of a YES vote Scotland will write a Constitution. It is this Legal change that will hold our politicians to account. It is our constitution that will ensure sovereignty lies in the people (electorate) and not, as is the case in UK, the Parliament (and so politicians). So many of the ills of the current set up stems from our politicians being answerable to nothing and no one but themselves. This will certainly change in an independent Scotland.

        Again amusingsoul, so many of your questions about education , medication and politicians wages are issues for the electorate to decide in future Scottish democratic elections. The importance of the written constitution is that it will not allow politicians to simply remove free education or the NHS (for example) after being elected explicitly on a ticket to protect them (as has happened with University tuition fees among many other things down in Westminster)! Many want a n ability to recall members of Parliament in the event of enough signatures demanding it.

        I hope this awful long post (sorry) has gone some way to answering some of your questions. The answers though, are really to be found in the decisions you feel are likely to be made by a properly represented Scottish population through future democratic and proportionally representative elections.

        Do you view this proposition as more or less likely than our current Westminster set up to deliver the type of Scotland you (and I) want to see? Who knows It may even set an example that the rest of the UK’s electorate can see at work and follow?

        At the core of this decision for me comes faith and hope amusingsoul. I have precious little of either left and It’s the current Westminster set up that’s left me in that terrible position. Holyrood is far from perfect, but it’s been the only slight glimmer of either faith or hope in politics and politicians I have experienced in my adult life.

        My bet goes with the historic form of the two Parliaments, the Scottish electorate and a YES vote! I hope yours will too.

  18. Is there a transcript of this anywhere? I have difficulties with his accent but the little I manage to catch is interesting.

  19. well done michael you made very good point my man and myself benifit was stopped just recentley didnt recieve payment till lst friday we lived on borrowed money am so glad to hear you speak the truth about what happening to people 2014 felt the care and understanding from you keep up good work god bless you x

  20. Ooft. That wasnae easy listening at all.
    We simply must do better than this. I’m fortunate enough to have a reasonably comfortable existence. Not remotely ostentatious but I’m immensely grateful for what I have.
    It fills me with a silent rage to think that people can be so desperate in the 21st Century. This was not the future they spoke of when I was a boy in the early 1970s. I won’t ask what happened to the vision and the hope; we all know what has happened since.
    I see a national epidemic of suicide in the UK which is largely ignored by the state media, just as it was in the DDR for example.
    Just as that system failed, Anglo-American Neoliberalism has failed the people.
    In September, we have the opportunity to leave the obscenity of Westminster Britain behind. I hope that the truth can get out to sufficiently wide an audience that this unique opportunity is taken.
    We owe it to our fellow citizens and those who come after us to give as big a push to the Yes effort as we can within our own limitations.
    Only that way can we consign the horrors described above to the skip of history.
    I can think of no more noble reason for advocating a Yes vote.

  21. I don’t really understand what this has to do with Independence. The Westminster Government may be useless, but that doesn’t mean we should turn our back on the rest of the UK. If we have a problem with the current personnel in Westminster we should work within the democracy, that has worked for hundreds of years, to change those personnel.

    People argue that we are a distinct ethnocultural group in Scotland. And yes, this is true. But this does not mean that we require any different political policies to the rest of the UK. Surprisingly, the majority of those down south want the same things we do.

    I can understand people who want to be independent in their hearts, those who feel we have been oppressed by the English since the dawn of time. For those people, I highly recommend brushing up on your history. It was a Scottish King who became the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, not an English tyrant. Moreover, we have been a member of the United Kingdom for longer than Scotland was ever considered a country as it is today.

    By remaining in the UK we are able to have a greater say on the world stage. We are able to remain British (Which I am proud to be) and to maintain the phenomenal Scottish heritage that we all treasure. The problem lies with the current politicians and the system that they advocate. It does not lie at the border.

    1. It’s not the English we’ve been oppressed by — it’s the Normans. Which lairds made deals with which lords 300 years ago is irrelevant — they’ve all been the same since 1066.

    2. The problem being that Westminster’s system is terminally, centralised, dysfunctional and institutionally corrupt. They have nothing to offer but continued misery and Mussolini-esque posturing on their precious “World Stage” (frankly embarrassing) and only the destruction by democratic means will provide a peaceful solution to that problem.
      By voting for independence we demolish a life-expired constitutional system and by default, commence a chain of events which will ultimately bring democracy to Scotland’s neighbours too. This will not happen overnight, but by taking responsibility for our own destiny, just like every other normal country on the planet, we will unlock the chest that holds the tools we will need to create a land fit for civilised human beings.
      Measuring a nation’s global standing by its ability to visit death and destruction on other nations is unquestionably the logic of a diseased psyche.
      The British State has had three centuries to prove it is a force for progress and enlightenment in the world, but its obsolete structures of power and privilege are dragging us ever more backwards towards some neo-feudal dystopia.
      Churchill’s “New Dark Age made more sinister by the lights of perverted [socio-economic] science.”
      I for one refuse to be taken down into that new Dark Age.

    3. You’re first paragraph stunned me.. One main reason (among others) I wil be voting yes is because of the very fact that Scotland has no democracy voice at Westminster. As for asking people to “brush up on their history” I suggest you brush up on you’re politics ..

      1. We have a largely proportional voice in Westminster. Our constituencies have the same voice as any other constituency in the UK (broadly speaking). I actually think there is a change needed, in the proportionality of our electoral system – but also that there is still room for that within the constraints of a United Kingdom.

        It saddens me that we feel like running away from that. Surely we should pour our efforts into changing it first.

        Ps. I study politics at university – please don’t patronise me.

      2. “I actually think there is a change needed, in the proportionality of our electoral system — but also that there is room for that within the constraints of a United Kingdom”.

        We tried electoral reform at UK level, and it failed.

        The logical conclusion of your core argument is that a single world government should suffice, as long as each country has representation in proportion to its population. Is that what you genuinely believe?

  22. What has this got do do with Scottish independence? This happens in England to, and Wales and Northern Ireland. Don’t dirty this mans brilliant and eloquent speech by turning it into a piece of propaganda for Scottish independence.

    1. Why isn’t it a Scottish Independence issue?

      – It’s happening in Scotland as well as other places.
      – It’s a problem of governance, not a force of nature.
      – Those who support Scottish Independence want a radical change in governance, one that they don’t see coming from Westminster very soon, and the people living in Scotland have an opportunity to do something different. Why the hell shouldn’t we?

      1. Exactly.
        My advocacy of independence is not remotely about shallow nationalism. It’s about democracy and accountability.
        And hope for a population that has been conditioned out of expecting what other more civilised states consider normal.

      2. Oh well good luck. I suppose your Scottish politicians won’t be anything like all the other politicians in the world, they’ll care about the poor, make the banks pay their due, and right all of the wrongs in the world and most importantly they will listen to the people… I still think that what this man is saying goes beyond petty borders and countries, it’s about the poor and how their treated. Maybe independence can change all that for you.

      3. I appreciate that there are people who suffering below the breadline – that is the world over. I also know that there are many business owners – who employ others, who without their ability to employ, more would starve – are under extreme pressure to make ends meet for themselves and those they employ. A great speach but what was the conclusion? What is his vision to rectify the wrongs he is identifying? What has this got to do with independence?

  23. George you got slaughtered in that debate, all of your arguments crumbled under very mild scrutiny…….A left wing labour government will never get into power in the UK…you are dreaming! The only way forward is independence and choice for the Scottish people…wake up George!

  24. I live just south of the border in Cumbria and so would like Scotland to stay in the UK to help us in the fight against a ruling southern elite. But as it looks very likely that you will become independent, can you move your border further south so that those of us in the North of England can also enjoy being part of a fairer society seeking to narrow the gap between the rich and poor? Even if you don’t succeed, I would rather be in a country that is trying to help those in need than one that has given in to the politics of greed. We had a very successful revolution in the UK in 1945 which brought about the National Health Service and the Welfare State but somehow it has lost its way. I find it very moving that so many Scots want to return to those ideals, and hope that after independence you are able to build a country that has social justice at its core.

  25. Brilliant!!!!
    For those who can’t understand what this gentleman is saying due to his accent, the subtitles are completely changing the context and what is being said. Perhaps get someone Scottish to translate the thick accent!

    They’re a bit of a laugh In comparison to what’s actually being said!!

  26. I appreciate that people are suffering below the breadline – that is the world over. I also know that there are many business owners – who employ others, who without there ability to employ, more would starve – are under extreme pressure to make ends meet for themselves and those they employ. A great speach but what was the conclusion? What is his vision to rectify the wrongs he is identifying?

  27. us scots seem to forget that we would have come unstuck somewhat if the english were not there to bail our rbs/bos with billions of taxpayers money, we would not have scottish notes in our pockets and our currency would have been worthless in other lands

    1. I’m wondering who contributed to the billions you talk about? Was it just English tax payer money? I think not. Let’s be honest, we’d have far better stability if we hadn’t been sold short out oil reserves for funding “Great Britains” Royals.

  28. I’m a kiwi who lived in East Kilbride for a year. It’s home to me. So it hurt when I saw this. I’m going to make regular donations. I live in Yorkshire now. East Kilbride will forever be home to me. This man is a legend.

  29. This broke my heart. The only way this situation will ever be sorted is if Westminster is given a big goodbye. Vote Yes and stop all this “better together” nonsense. The only people who are better off in this union is the government. Do you never think about meeting David Cameron in a dark alleyway ?

  30. Small donation made & posted on social network sites to hopefully go viral & bring this to a wider audience & to let those that need help,there are people who genuinely care…

  31. It makes no difference what way the vote goes nothing will change in Scotland as the SNP could have sorted this out before. It’s all been as Mr Curran says, figures, figures, figures. The Scottish Government cannot even look after their own, shame on them. There is nothing in their manifesto about eradicating poverty and they have certainly known for long enough. Well said Mr Curran.

    1. How many times do you BetterNO folk need telt? Welfare and the Department of work and pensions is NOT devolved! ALL responsibility for benefits and welfare issues that affect the poor of Scotland are decided AT and by WESTMINSTER! Ian Duncan Smith is not a Holyrood Minister!

      But then you probably know that and prefer to spread confusion in the hope that some poor soul believes your lies. Why else would the same lie have been repeated so regularly and often on this incredibly powerful and important thread?

      By the way Micheal, thanks so much for posting Denis Curran’s evidence h ere. It’s deserving of every bit (and more) of attention it’s getting here. Top Job man so thanks!

      1. You have it better than us English. We do not even have our own assembly or Parliament. We pay for prescriptions, we pay for University edcustion for our children, and we have our homes taken to pay for nursing in old age. You lot have it easy. I hope you get devolution, we will be better off without your left wing politicians skewing how we are governed.

      2. Mike Paterson,
        We pay for our childrens’ University Education. We pay for our old folks’ nursing care. We pay for prescriptions. We pay through our taxes which only a portion of which is returned to us in the form of a block grant called the Barnett Formula. From that portion of our taxes the Scottish Government BALANCES our books.

        If you want those things, as we in Scotland have. Stop moaning about what we have achieved and shown is achievable and instead start trying to achieve them for yourselves!

        We have devolution and it doesn’t accommodate ambition , that’s why we want Independence! You sound more of a Devolution man (if you’re lucky).

      3. Braco, that is absolute rubbish. You pay the same tax rate as we do, but because of the criminal Barnett Formula, you are handed out freebies that we are not allowed. It is a disgusting unfair situation that should not be allowed.

      4. Mike Paterson,
        Do some research!
        ‘You pay the same tax rate as we do’. Tax rate yes, but as we PRODUCE more as an economy than rUK does, in the form of various industries such as oil, whisky, food and drink, computer manufacture, University and life sciences, renewables, finance, computer gaming, tourism, ship building and weapons industry etc. etc. we end up paying substantially more actual tax per head than the rUK does. At the very least 118% compared to rUK’s 100% (GERS GDP figures).

        Easy enough to have found out one way or another of course, but Cameron and every previous UK Primeminister has run a mile from publishing the full figures (1921 was the last time, just as Ireland broke free. Coincidence, eh) let alone countenance granting Scotland Full fiscal autonomy (all taxes raised in Scotland spent in Scotland).

        Even with us being such a terminal financial drain on the long suffering rUK treasury, what with all our ‘freebies’, there is still a constant and vociferous refusal by those in Westminster to save the Union by simply granting our calls for full fiscal autonomy. Saving them a fortune and satisfying those deluded Scots all in one go! Really? Why on earth would you think that might be Mike?

      5. braco, I have of course done my research. What you state is only the case if the North Sea Oil figures are included for Scotland, and of course ownership is debatable. You talk about all these industries but in reality without the oil, you actually pay less tax per head than we do and you receive much more back from the state in the freebies you get.

        I think it would be great for Scotland to become a self-governed socialist state. It would mean that England is also more likely to get its own Government and that the Government we get is more likely to be right wing.

        Remember that you have had your own parliament for years whilst we have had to suffer the undemocratic situation that left-wing Scots get to vote on policies that do not even affect Scotland but do affect England.

      6. “without the oil, you actually pay less tax per head than we do”

        And without the City of London, you pay less tax per head than we do. So let’s just define ownership of the City of London as “debatable”, and we can make spurious arguments!

        FWIW I completely agree with you about the West Lothian question. I think it’s high time it was resolved, and I genuinely hope you get an English Parliament after Scottish independence.

      7. Mike Paterson,
        Answer me this. Why is it that when talking to folk like yourself on this subject, after sometimes long and heated discussions, I often find that in the end we ostensibly agree on matters constitutional, if not matters political? (As hatfinch has clearly pointed out)

        Why, rather than agree on the way forward constitutionally (independence and non interference in each others countries politics) and then make common cause in search of that joint goal, I find you would rather gripe on, by continuing to pass judgement and interfere in what is after all the democratic policy choices prioritised and paid for by another countries electorate? Namely mine.

        I will be voting YES for what is best for my country. I in no way begrudge the rUK the democratic benefits that will flow from that decision. You yourself acknowledge the advantages it will bring to your own country. So I ask again, why the sour attitude to the only movement (in Scotland or the UK) whose raison d’ etre has always been to rid us all of the Barnett Formula? (Even before It was the English rather than the Scots that suffered under the West Lothian Question.) This is a genuine question Mike.

        We seem to share the same constitutional goals so why the animosity?

      8. Braco,

        I was simply responding to the statements that you wrote and questioning how it can be that the English seem to get a raw deal (we are the only country in the UK that pays for prescriptions).

        I agree we probably do agree on most things, but whilst I am more than happy for Scotland to go it alone, and think it would be great for England (note I did not state the UK) I think it would be a bad thing for the Scottish. I am personally hoping that you get independence, but imagine that too many will see sense and vote to remain as part of the UK.

      9. Mike Paterson,
        I understand your upset, although your comments about our left wing politicians warping your English politics, in the context of complaining of a lack of free prescriptions in England seems odd to me. I have to say again however that you are targeting the wrong Scots here. We on the YES side agree totally that England should have a National Parliament and democratic voice to it’s wants. This is at the core of civic nationalism.

        It is however not something that just happens. No powers are ever simply given away by the British establishment and elites. You have to organise, you have to philosiphise and you have to act to build political pressure.

        You and the rest of England are coming to this party very, very late. You talk as though this issue started with the imbalance in the devolution settlement. ‘The West Lothian Question’. That’s because it’s a rare time in the three hundred years of Union that an inherent unfairness of Union has been visited upon the English majority. Then it’s noticed. Then it gets a name, but when it’s suffered as a democratic deficit in Scotland or Ireland or Wales or Cornwall, well it just gets ignored for decade after decade. (Honestly Mike, had it bothered you before it was England?)

        Scotland has been fighting and pressing for Independence in one form or another since the Union was formed. It has reached this stage, with the powers that we have, through decades of hard graft, dedication, deep political thought and soul searching over the meaning of national identity by generations.

        All this, mixed with the flowering of an incredible inclusive grass roots social movement, has never just been GIVEN to us! It has been carved out in the teeth of opposition from every conceivable facet of British establishment and still is to this day. See every political party, see the BBC, the MSM, each and every UK governmental department (even the Welsh parliament), big business and every foreign intervention that can be mustered by the Foreign office. And yet here we are, and closing!

        So Mike, my message to you is don’t look to us and feel hard done by cause you weren’t given what the Scots have. We were given nothing! What we have, we have won and it will be just the same with Independence.

        Don’t worry about us If it’s a YES (and I think it will be), worry about yourselves, because those same establishment forces will still be there to stifle any democratic ideas Scottish Independence may have given to the ‘great unwashed’ of England and Wales. Be sure, are as unlikely to give power to you after Scottish independence, as they were before it (even less so).

        Mike, I have written this post in an attempt to try to show you, as an outsider to the real debate that is going on in Scotland at the moment (and has been going on for generations) what is at the core of how we have gotten to where we are. I have a feeling that the rest of Britain has been badly mislead as to the true history and socio-political reasons behind the final break up of ‘our’ United Kingdom.

        This is not a coincidence in my view. If you don’t know it, you can’t understand it and therefor you won’t be able to learn from it, in order to create your own effective method of overcoming those self same establishment elites.

        Well you definitely got me talking (sorry)!

      10. Wow braco, what a lot of time and effort you spent to help explain things better – Thank You.

        As a person with Scottish Heritage – surname, tartan, clan the issue is of great interest. I am also keen on devolution of power. I am against UK ,membership of the EU for the same reasons as you want separation from the UK – why should we be governed by people that can never represent our local needs and requirements. I am also against the current EU as it is blatantlu undemocratic, unfair, unjust and a complete waste of money. The EU Human rights act whilst well-meaning (maybe) is a ridiculous piece of legislation that is misused by minority groups to achieve what is not permitted for the rest of us.

        I find it interesting that I sense that the pro Scottish independence movement is pro remaining in Europe, and indeed that the “safety net” of EU membership will help Scotland to “go it alone”.

        This seems do be rather hypocritical, but of course I may have got it wrong. What is the stance – are separitists in favour of regaining control of their destiny from the EU, or is this just focused on the UK?

      11. Mike Paterson,
        no problem, and thank you. There’s a system in place in the UK at the moment which seems hell bent on retaining this political Union (and power) by misrepresenting and misreporting to the different nations of the UK, the reality and actual driving social factors behind Scottish Independence as a modern movement.

        You are doing the right thing by visiting sites like this to try and find out the truth of the situation for yourself rather than take the BBC and MSMedia spin at face value. Maybe I could recommend a few other sites that you may or may not have heard of, such as Wings over Scotland, Bella Caledonia, Scot Goes Pop and Munguins republic?

        I don’t think that you will agree with their politics, but I think they will give you a better understanding of what’s happening to the UK at the moment (through attitudes in Scotland) and why. I also know that you will receive a warm reception in the comments section if you happen to post, as long as you are respectful, open and genuine in in your arguments. There are not very many with your political viewpoint that visit those sites, so you would be valued as a great addition. (by most)

        To answer your question about the view of those in the YES movements to Europe. Well Mike, it’s quite a tricky question to answer. That’s because the history of the indy movement up until the referendum announcement (after the SNP landslide in 2011), has been one of a slow and continuous consolidation of different political views behind the SNP as a mechanism to gain Independence.

        This has created in the movement (by necessity) an incredible tolerance between individuals of different political views, who never the less share the same strong common goal of an Independent Scotland. Even when their vision of what that Scotland should look like is diametrically opposed that of a fellow compatriate. (Possibly the reason for my despair at our antagonistic beginnings, when we so obviously share a common goal of Independence for our countries. Something I think you English will have to learn as an essential first step in making any real progress toward gaining power for your peoples. UKIP for example seems intent on exclusion and ‘othering’ as it’s route to electoral success in England. The very same methods used by the political elites (I assume) you and I are trying to overcome).

        Any way… back on subject Mike. So, although the SNP and YES movement has settled on a pro EU stance at the moment ( along with retaining the Monarchy, NATO membership, Sterling etc. etc.) It is seen as (and is) simply a recognition of where we already are, in the scheme of things, at the moment. Scotland’s starting point on Independence if you like.

        As all these issues have been used by the British establishment through many decades up until now as methods of dividing support (and supporters) of Scottish independence, the movement (and those in it) have gotten wise to those tactics and are now more than willing to park them as divisive issues, until after actual independence.

        This does not mean that passions on all these subjects do not run deep, because I can assure you that they do. It’s just that we are aware that to deal with these passionate but individually held political matters, first we will need to disband as a unified movement. Not something that will happen until AFTER our independence goal is achieved. This personal commitment to Independence by each individual in the pro indy side creates a very resilient and disciplined force in the face of political attack.

        It’s this very disciplined resilience that is being misrepresented, misreported and demonised by the MSM and UK politicians as the strange cult of Alicsammond.

        Salmond is an incredibly effective politician, but his views (and those of the SNP as a political party) on matters such as the EU, NATO, the Monarchy etc, after Independence, will matter very little. Those decisions will start to be made again by the electorate. Those individuals that came together to win Independence, in order to influence exactly those kind of previously untouchable issues currently ruled over by the UK Westminster elites.

        So Mike, I am not sure if any of this has answered your question satisfactorily. The truth is that due to our current circumstance of duress (as a population), nobody really knows what our position will be to specific policy issues such as Europe once that duress (or siege mentality) is lifted. My own preference is to be out of Europe but join EFTA and I know this position is not an unusual one.

        I should say that this view comes from the perception of Europe being too much of an undemocratic rightwing capitalist club, as opposed to UKIP’s (and probably your own) view that it’s too much of an undemocratic bleeding hearts socialist cabal! As I say, Great movements for make strange political bedfellows.

        Sorry about the length again Mike

  32. The entire nation, independent states or not, is up shit creek, and Mr Curran has summed up exactly why and what the problem is. This is bigger than an issue of Scotland not being part of the UK, poverty and hunger are issues that effect us all on this island and need to be dealt with in a unified and true manner.

    1. Perfect is the enemy of good. The centre ground in UK politics isn’t just not moving towards fixing this; it’s moving away from it. We must do what we can with the opportunities we are given.

    2. If poverty and hunger are ‘bigger than an issue of Scotland not being part of the UK’ then surely if that ‘bigger’ issue can be shown to be likely tackled more effectively within an independent Scotland your YES vote is secured?

      How does Scotland not tackling the ‘bigger’ issue along with the rest of the UK not tackling the ‘bigger’ issue help anyone(whether or not in a unified and true manner)?

  33. I needed the subtitles so that I could understand all that was being said. Its a terrible indictment of how people live today. The ‘have nots’ continue to have problems & the ‘Haves’ don’t have the desire nor drive to sort it out.

  34. Reblogged this on gemmadickson and commented:
    For a while, I was under the impression that Scottish independence sought only to glorify Alex Salmond’s career as first president of Scotland, and that those who voted yes are those who are letting their heart rule their head with a romanticized vision of a prosperous independent Scotland- a foolish idea, but a natural one to those who love our small country most. Since then, the reality of what independence could bring is becoming transparent. Perhaps our generation will suffer for a while, but I think for the sake of posterity, it is essential that a yes vote is the majority. This is not a matter of nationalism, race or creed. This is politics, but under our so called democracy that is Westminster, Scotland (a largely socialist country) has been governed 8 times since the 50’s by a right wing government that serves only to look after its fellow elite. Here, Dennis Curran explains the extent of poverty in Scotland under Westminster which is swept under the rug and it simply must be watched.

  35. Our future looks bleak if we continue down this path hanging on to the hope that Westminster will develop a social conscience , it is time to make a stand, sept 18, 2014 is the time.

    I will be voting yes for independence.

  36. I have had ‘issues’ surrounding the idea that people like Mr Curran are not understandable.

    This is, frankly, fraudulently elitist. His way of speaking is admirable and not at all difficult to understand. His moral case is beyond reasonable arguement. And the man is worth paying attention to. I wonder how many Liverpudlians had a difficulty with Bill Shankly, who spoke in a very similar manner? Once they saw what he did the ‘accent barrier’ seemed to disappear.

    So with Mr Curran.

    1. Pure inverse snobbery. What made Bill Shankly’s accent more comprehensible to Liverpudlians? Prolonged exposure.

      It’s only you that’s trying to conflate Mr Curran’s accent with his moral case.

      Here’s someone from Jamaica getting angry about the political situation there. Do you understand every word she says? Of course not. So does that mean you think less of her moral case?

  37. I am confused, I read about 20-30 of the comments, and so few referred to the question, how do we find ways of easing hunger and poverty when we have the resources. but not the political resolve? Yes Scotland may soon have its autonomy, but while gaining this we should all keep an eye on other important matters.

  38. Many of us believe that we *do* have the political resolve here in Scotland, but we have our hands tied. Sure, we can rob Peter to pay Paul to offset the bedroom tax, but that’s not a sustainable approach. We need to fix the root cause of the problem.

  39. The long term historical trend is increasing cooperation between people, across the globe. That is what is responsible, ultimately, for the remarkable improvement in living standards, life-expectancy, and human rights across the planet. Scotland becoming independent is a reversal of this trend. It reflects distrust, suspicion and a dislike of those different. Obviously if the majority of Scots feel that way then it is best that they go their own way. It is sad, however, and it reflects a step backwards towards the parochialism and tribalism of the past.

  40. So – now that everyone has had their say, some more than once – can anyone explain, in very simple terms please – I am not very bright – how an independent Scotland will actually function, once the dust has settled, and the “startup costs” have been removed from the equation, and the very clever people have decided how many Smeato’s we get to the pound/euro/dollar? How is it, that someone living in the South West of Scotland, who does not have any connection to either oil or whisky, but who works for a company, based in New York / London, pays taxes and spends disposable income locally, who can’t walk down the main street without tripping over a junkie or an Eastern European beggar, is actually going to be BETTER OFF? All I want are facts, so that I can vote Yes or No. I am not interested in percentages, numbers, spin, crap, politics, bullshit and the clear fact that Alex Salmond is hell bent on getting his name in the history books, regardless. Politicians are the wrong people to be making this argument. I want to hear from real leaders, educators, and yes, maybe even bankers – with the politics removed. How can it be that we have to have people like Dennis Curran – an “(extra)ordinary man” – doing the right thing, when he should be at home, enjoying time with his grandkids. Will an independent Scotland make sure that taxes are collected fairly, fraudsters and cheats are prosecuted, criminals are jailed and paedophiles are castrated? Then I might vote Yes.

    1. jd,
      yes i agree, you are ‘not very bright’.
      Why else would you expect to be spoon fed information that is abundantly availaible on the internet? As you are reading and commenting here on this very good pro indy website, I think we can assume that you have internet access and are aware of other very good Indy information websites such as Wings, Bella, Wee Ginger Dug, Business for Indy etc etc. I would give you some good Pro union websites in that list but I am not aware of any. Not even one. (In fact I would be grateful to anyone that could point me in the direction of a good pro union site that encourages debate without blatant censorship.)

      In fact I would agree again that you ‘are not very bright’ if you think any one here believes that you are looking for information in order to make up your mind on whether to vote YES or NO in September. It’s so obvious your mind is made up. No shame in that jd, mine too is made up. Where the shame comes is in masquerading as some sort of undecided everyman while spouting every already disproven scare and threat in the BetterNO campaign handbook.

      Folk are looking for HONEST DEBATE and you are providing neither.

      1. @braco Thank you for your constructive input – sadly I have to take you up on a couple of things. Firstly, I generally have very little time to spend looking for good Indy websites, so I have not come across Wings, Bella, Wee Ginger Dug or Business for Indy – but thank you for the information. Secondly, I can assure you that I am very much on the fence at the moment – probably due to lack of information I admit, but nonetheless I still have a very strong feeling that neither side of this campaign has actually said anything meaningful to ME yet. If you think for a minute that every single person in Scotland with a vote, is going to make a decision on Independence, after having researched the “facts” available to them from the Wee Ginger Dug, good luck. Apart from being an entertaining read (in my mind he is always angry..) the Wee Ginger Dug keeps comparing the “fight” for independence, to the rights of gay men and women, and the battle they fought in the 80’s for equality. Is it possible that as a nation, we NEED something to complain about – Scotland suffers from the national equivalent of Small Man Syndrome?
        I like the idea of change -but not change for the worse
        I like the idea that Scotland can come together as a nation, and together make a difference – as long as we are doing it for the right reasons, and not just because we watched Braveheart last night.
        Wouldn’t it be great if we ALL benefited from a renewed sense of national pride – here we have an opportunity to actually change the way things happen. Sadly, I am more inclined to think that all we will get if we dump Westminster, is another set of villains, albeit a bit more local – but thieving self serving scumbags all the same. Are the people we are allowed to vote into office actually going to listen to Dennis, or is this opportunity going to be wasted, because the wrong people are driving the bus?
        As for you, and your fellow Yes fanatics – in the words of the small strawberry blonde canine – get a fucking grip and grow up – just because you say its so, doesn’t mean it is. Prove it.

      2. jd,
        so as I surmised, you have read up on the subject then. Not looking for more facts so you ‘can vote YES or NO’ at all. You have already decided your going to vote NO. Good, now we are getting somewhere. The start of an honest dialogue perhaps? Although after the ‘Braveheart’ Claxon has gone off, maybe not!

        Just you carry on and I will see you in the voting booth. Your vision of a better(together) Scotland, or mine? It’s now up to the Scottish electorate isn’t it. Is that something you ever campaigned for jd? You know, the choice. Democracy?

  41. Typical. reading the comments underneath this video small minded people use it as an opportunity to have debates with complete strangers over the internet on the political systems of the government. Foolish people are missing the bloody point of this video. Dennis curran has proved his point and we can still see this point beyond the video simply by reading the debates going on below. This society is full of too many idiots with too much to say but very little of doings!
    Your pathetic little internet debates are irrelevant. This is why our society is in such a mess we are all too quick to jump down each others throats and judge and not quick enough to even think of helping. Shameful.

    1. Some of us are trying to get educated Steph. I guess you must know it all as you call us small minded. Are we not allowed to discuss this? surely self-governance and devolution bear a direct relationship to resolving these sort of issues, though personally it does not seem to matter what government is in power, stuff like this always happens. It is the same across the globe.

    2. Not like discussion and debate then Steph? Dissemination and cross fertilisation of ideas among ‘strangers’ beyond the pale? There there Steph , I am sure the monastery (or nunnery) will have you back, once you explain how horrible and small minded this modern world has finally become.

  42. sorry folks, I am German and its the same all over Germany these days… you have the fucking superrich and the poor…
    ONE solution is may be we waste too much money on immigrants… kill me for that but its the truth… how come that an immigrant family from Africa gets more money as a retired person who worked its ass off for the country?
    We let our elderly people dying and starving, collecting bottles but we have money to finance moslem ppl which hates us for not beeing moslem?

  43. I saw still make an effective impact for No in a recent debate, the thought of dividing families, interlinked lives and movement across the British Isles. For citizenship by descent, for the exile born Scottish ch + grandch of our emigrants, many of them to England, the White Paper projects that they can register for citizenship subject to evidencing the descent. But ever since the White Paper came out, the govt who wrote it and the Yes side have refused to say in writing that these registerings for citizenship will not be refusable.

    They either ignore you or say read the White Paper, they don’t answer. In Yes meetings prominent names have appealed to a devastating trend of little closed community anti-outsider feeling. Alex Neil said these citizenships will be refusable, on grounds of keeping out “undesirables”, but without any pinned down definition of who is undesirable this could include discrimination against the poor. Pat Kane stated indy is for the folks who chance to already be here and he would oppose any further openness to the diaspora. Jim Sillars, only last week, said he wants expats’ kids subject to the same points system for skills as any other immigration of folks with no roots here, and openly told a public audience “we must not be afraid of that”. Of shutting a country to some of its own children without taking any account of life misfortunes, education systems working badly, as a cause of not having high value skills.

    A Yes supporter claimed to me he would be able to obtain legal advice from Australia! that would show the White Paper can’t mean rejecting these citizenships, but he has not supplied it yet. Citizenship can affect who can live here if the British or EU travel areas break down. Reluctant economic emigrants who are actually supposed to be a Yes argument were never expecting their offspring to be threatened with hateful xenophobic shutting out of their own roots – actually from the Yes side!!! It would be a new Clearances, that will scar our history, and whose dividing of families is against ECHR article 8.

    1. “the govt who wrote it and the Yes side have refused to say in writing that these registerings for citizenship will not be refusable.”

      That’s because they’re not in a position to. The referendum is a vote about where Scotland will be governed from, not who will govern it.

  44. There are more food banks in SE England than all of Scotland.

    The 100,000 Scottish is children in poverty is wrong. Yes and SNP have used UK whole figure, Scottish is 7,000 and poverty is also relative so will always exist.

    If YES we’re that annoyed then complaints would be made at SNP cutting budget to fight poverty by £1bn.

  45. if Scotland had NO oil do u think Westminster would be trying to scaremonger us to stay a part of the uk aye course they would(sarcastic) we’d already have our bags packed and a cheery wave as we leave

  46. I said “The Loaves and Fishes charity was involved in the murder of in St Patrick Church Glasgow, 2006. I read that they had disbanded because of this.”

    You said “They weren’t involved, a person that volunteered occasionally for the charity was guilty of the murder, in fact Dennis Curran was instrumental in the capture and conviction of the murderer, so please get your facts straight before making such a scandalous observation.”

    Michel Greenwell – You defend this sick behaviour? The Loaves & Fishes was very much involved and closed their charity in St Patrick out of embarrassment and recognition of the fact they were complicit. The murder couldn’t have happened without their involvement. They, and much of the congregation, were perfectly well aware that their priest Father Gerry Nugent was an alcoholic paedophile who went with prostitutes. St Patick’s was a cesspool of iniquity.

  47. What an amazing heartfelt speech. Hat’s off to Mr Curran. Sad to see so many comments are just the political version of bandying figures about. The problem is People are starving, in Scotland, in 2014. Stop trying to score political points off each other, and vying for the wittiest comeback. Yes or No these people will still need your help. Whatever side of the independence debate you favour doesn’t really matter.What does matter is the People who are suffering NOW! Stop talking about WHY, start asking WHAT you can do to help them. This appalling situation shames all of us, however it came about, and it needs all of us to put it right, Put down your arguments, and pick up a bag of messages and lets just do what we can for all of Jock Tamson’s Bairns Aye?

    1. “Stop talking about WHY, start asking WHAT you can do to help them.”

      Voting Yes is WHAT. I’m sorry if you think we’re just playing politics here, but I’m also giving up my evenings and weekends knocking on people’s doors for the Yes campaign because I sincerely believe that it’s the best foundation from which we can solve these problems. Of course we all also need to address the symptoms by donating food, but we’re trying to address the root cause too.

  48. In an independent Scotland we’ll have a chance to stop people ripping off the public with tax avoidance – the main thieves being religions. Make churches pay their taxes and there would be no need for food banks. Dennis Curran disgusts me exploiting this situation for his own glorification. Take away charitable status of all religious charities – they should do the work voluntarily. Look at the money stolen by chaplains from the NHS, military, Westminster, etc.

  49. junkies and alcoholics get more money per week than me … u also cant prove mental illness which can make u bout £400 per week plus no council tax plus an extra one payment per month .. This is a trade and u can learn how to beat the system from a lot of these people

  50. Anybody really listening to this man? This nothing to do with any political party,this is simply a humane gesture that we can all solve by simply donating to food banks etc a little something that we could easily go without.Maybe we could give up a little luxury like not buying a takeaway and giving that money to someone you may know or needs it. We could all buy a cheaper face soap, a cheaper face cream etc and simply give that little money to the people who really need it.politics have nothing to do with these issues it is simply the milk of human kindness that we have forgotten in this modern world where we all think we must have the latest iPads etc. please just give a little to someone who needs it.who knows you might even like yourself better. My mum always told me a giving hand never wants. Please try it.

    1. Yes I listened. Perfectly worded,what an absolute.I don’t know how the the Scots distinguish such people but, after what he said I cant think of anything that would do him .What an absolute gem he is. As I commented before Im embarrassed.

  51. I think it was a perfectly worded insight into how people, which. need help are not being helped.Thank you Mr Curran for your obviously huge effort. There should be more people like you. BIG RESPECT for you.I feel embarrassed

  52. Thanks on your marvelous posting! I quite enjoyed reading it, you happen to be a great author.
    I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back very soon. I want to encourage continue your great writing,
    have a nice holiday weekend!

  53. Food banks are the product of Trade Unions corrupting the Labour Party. The Labour Party has now been destroyed so the current government will now be able to repair the damage.

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