1. And people out there still believe Scotland is ok in the UK ha so far from the truth it makes me want to weep. Got this on my pc and everyone who visited can see for themselves. Keep up the good work , we will get there in the end. I’ve already changed the minds of 8 friends who where as shocked as i was with the message showing here .

  2. that will be the top earners in westminster and of course the banks
    vote yes . Scotland is a nation in it’s own right and it’s time to grow a pair and get Scotland on the road to recovery.. Austerity on the poor with tax cuts for the rich and dont’ forget the 11% the mp’s took. There are bairns starving out there. but thats ok ???????

    vote YES for fucks sake

  3. You vote your way, I’ll vote mine. I started an undecided but all the bollocks from the SNP has turned me into a no voter. If they’d been truthful throughout I may well have gone to YES, but as with the above there is just too much bollocks from YES and I do not find them credible.


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