The Scottish Independence Podcast 72 – Labour For Indy

309404_508505489170062_1330292752_nFor the 72nd episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast I didn’t speak with anyone as in some of the episodes I like to bring you some of the recordings of the hundreds of Yes events going on around the country.

This one comes from a Labour For Indy event that was held a couple of months back. The speakers were, in this order, Allan Grogan, Jeane Freeman, Bob Thomson, Alex Mosson, Deborah Waters and Denis Canavan, and the whole thing was hosted by Elaine C Smith.

There’s a lot in there.

BmyyFpZIAAAJ94BHope you enjoy…

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Second P.S. After seeing this rather fun piece of photobombing, there is no way I’m doing a Labour For Indy episode without putting it here.


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