Banal Retentive 6 – Tom Holland

The Banal Retentive series gives quotes from those giving the most spurious reasons against Scottish Independence and in favour of retaining the union.

In this particular installment, historian Tom Holland seems to think that the fact he liked the Scotland bit on a child’s plaything is reason enough to hold on to a decaying political system.

Saying something like that could however be taken out of context and that wouldn’t be very nice of course, so here is his whole speech on the matter.

I think you’ll probably agree with me that he starts badly with the jigsaw line and actually continues to dig himself deeper.

If you want to see all of the conversation with Tariq Ali, the full 15 minute section is here.


  1. In the name of God, utter puerile drivel from Holland: Infantilist reasoning packaged in chocolate box emotional appeals so saccharine I felt nauseous.

  2. yeah, i had the misfortune to watch this as well, although Tariq Ali’s analysis more than made up for it. It’s like Tom Holland had been quickly dragged into the studio and told to “say something about why it’s good for Scotland to be in the UK” without him actually having studied ANYTHING about the indy debate so far. So he just resorted to sentimental nonsense.

    Does he expect men in kilts to man the borders during the summer months post indy? “Ye cannae tak yer caravan up here!!”

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