“This Is About Raploch, Not Bannockburn”

An excellent speech by Mike Small, editor of Bella Caledonia.

I’d have stuck it in a podcast but for the fact that he uses visuals.

This is worth 20 minutes of anyone’s time…



  1. Fantastic speech.

    The part about the old men content with their lot in the Raploch towards the end is very powerful.

  2. yes so true Mike. Could have sworn you were referring to my folk..the Travelling People of Scotland. We’ve been thumped through life as no hopers, warned, don’t you get above yourselves now, look at how the world sees us…never amount to anything..know your place. Yes Mike you are right..times change and for us it has to happen now. When Scotland holds her hand out for the first time to welcome us..the folks that council houses were built to house (I was a wee Traveller living next the burn at the foot of Stirling castle in one of the biggest camping sites ever seen)then she is on her way to being a mighty wee country. However if Travellers continue to suffer degradation in their own land then we will look upon on an Independent Scotland same way as we do the bulldog of England. Respect us and we’ll vote in our thousands.

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