The Scottish Independence Podcast 67 – Margo MacDonald

23887163A few months ago, after I’d interviewed a couple of MSPs (John Finnie and Jean Urquhart), I asked them and their assistants if they would be able to put me in touch with Margo MacDonald or her assistant, and then maybe we could set something up.

I got the contact for her assistant and it seemed she was willing to come on and give the show a try, but  I should  ask again a bit later on when she had more time.

Unfortunately, we never got round to it before she passed away.

However, what I’ve done here is to put together some audio of her speeches and various appearances throughout her career.

They go from the fun, funny and flippant to the extremely serious end of the spectrum. Some of them are TV or radio interviews, some of them are her interventions in the Scottish Parliament and there are some other interesting snippets in there too.

Regular listeners will know that the guest on the show chooses the tune. That not being possible, I did some digging around and it seems she liked country music, so I put some of that in too.

Margo-Macdonald2_2872599cHope you enjoy…

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We are also now to be found on youtube

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