For Your Listening Pleasure – 3 – Astronomy Cast

This is the third in a little series explaining about podcasts I think are great – what can I say, I like the medium!

large_webI think Astronomy Cast is actually the first podcast I started listening to. They have now done probably 450 episodes (the numbering doesn’t take into account the question shows they’ve done), and I’ve listened to them all. It’s been going for 8 years and if you look through the back catalogue you are sure to find something to interest you.

The host is Dr Fraser Cain, who also runs Universe Today. He plays the everyman interviewer (even though he is absolutely by no means ignorant of the subjects which they address) who is having the week’s topic explained to him by the expert, who is Dr Pamela Gay.

The explanations of various astronomical phenomenon are clear without being too simplistic or too complicated and it’s always a good listen.

I won’t say any more other than that I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.





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