Who Would I Be?

Irvine Welsh Quotes Scottish IndependenceAnother example here of the fact that it is the No side in the Independence debate that seem to be engaging in identity politics.

This bizarre article from Andrew Lilico gives the reason for not supporting independence to be that he won’t be quite sure who he is anymore. There is no hint of anything nasty in his reflection and he is somewhat unusual in his own party in that he has written in support of more immigration, not less, which is commendable. However, I still don’t see why he needs to get in quite such a tizzy.

If Scotland were to become independent, who would I be?

My Britishness has never been questioned, and I cannot imagine what sort of person would attempt to question it.

Well I can answer your questions directly Andrew.

  1. You would still be you, just in a modern fit-for-purpose state instead of in ex-imperial power that can’t seem to see how far it has fallen from its former status, and that refuses to acknowledge the past and present crimes for which it is responsible.
  2. Your identity can still be whatever you want it to be. Your “britishness” will not be under question by anyone, the island of Britain will not cease to exist. Your confusion over how you would define yourself is of literally no consequence at all if you don’t want it to be. Make your mind up how you want to define yourself, and then get on with it.

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