Subtle Like A Kalashnikov

I just sat through this with Putin’s press attaché.

I think it is as close as I have seen to someone involved in politics in an official capacity just coming on TV and replying to everyone question with “F*ck the lot of you”.



  1. You know, some of those points are viciously accurate:

    America and the “The West” (ie, America’s hounds) have no moral high ground to stand on for condeming Russia.

    And I don’t think I’d care much about G8 membership if I was Putin. It’s basically America’s hounds from the cold war, plus Russia.

    Russia’s actually being better about this than America normally is, if they’re being honest about Crimea becoming a full part of Russia. America just installs a local tinpot dictator and rules remotely, it hasn’t make it’s conquests a member state since Hawaii.

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