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More out of interest than anything scientific, I recently asked the guests who have appeared on all the podcasts their opinions on 3 issues surrounding the independence debate.

The questions were more from an “in an ideal world” perspective, rather than “this is what I think will happen”.

I’ve collated the results and posted them below these polls with each of the questions but I’m really interested in what people who read this site and the wider independence supporting community think about these issues.

This was the first question, please vote…

monarchyThe results of our guests for that question were, as you can see on the right, rather one-sided.

In fact, I put a “don’t care” and a “depends” on to the ‘Yes’ side in this case, so I’m being fairer to old Betty than I might actually have been.

The second question had a few more “it depends” or stipulations. A few people said EFTA rather than EU and for the sake of simplicity they went into “Yes With A ‘But'”. Other people in that category suggested that if certain changes were made then they would have to consider it or reconsider it.

Vote and then see how the poll turned among the guests.

EUAs you can see, it’s not as clear cut as the monarchy vote, but it is still a pretty strong yes on this count.

The final question throws up something of a surprise.

As I said, this is not scientific polling and although we’ve had guests of all political stripes on, I suppose a majority would be coming from somewhere on the left.

However, the strength of the results for one of the options did surprise me a little bit.

Vote and then have a look…

currOur guests came out with these results…

Interesting stuff.

It’ll be more interesting to see how it comes out if we can get a lot of votes on these though, so try and spread this poll around.




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