1. What surprises me is how that great edifice of the English Educational Establishment, Eton College can turn out so many former pupils who would fail basic examinations in simple History, Geography and English Language. Allow me to explain. First I will deal with basic British History and specifically that which we term, “The United Kingdom”. Now in my history books, “The United Kingdom”, began on 1st May 1707. There was NO, “Union of the Crowns”, nor of the Kingdoms or indeed the Parliament before that date. Quite simply the two crowns rested upon the same monarch’s head for 104 years between 1603 and 1707. Furthermore, as the Kingdom of England had annexed the Princedom of Wales, (Statute of Rhuddlan, 1284), and annexed Ireland, (The Crown of Ireland Act, 1542), there were only two remaining Kingdoms in the entire British archipelago. So just what justification is there for claims that, “The English Glorious Revolution”, (1688), did other than depose the monarchy of the three country Kingdom of England? It did, though, begin the 57 year, “Jacobite Uprising”, wrongly described by English historians as, “The Jacobite Rebellion”. You cannot rebel against a monarchy that is not your own. So, 1707, and, “The Treaty of Union”. A bipartite union of two Kingdoms AND a bipartite union of two Parliaments. So when David Cameron claims he is, “The Prime Minister of Britain”, or that Westminster is, “The British Parliament”, he lies. There are four other independent non-United Kingdom administrations in Britain. He also lies when he claims, that when Scotland votes for independence, the Westminster Parliament will survive as an existing, legally elected as such, rUnited Kingdom. All bipartite unions disunite upon one partner leaving the union. Best of luck disproving that bit of basic history. Quite simply the basic English language term, “The United Kingdom”, only describes a union of, would you believe, TWO KINGDOMS.

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