Scotland Is?

Can’t think how I missed this brilliant little video from National Collective until now…



  1. I’ve never liked the “miles of coastline” measurement. Since the coastline is a fractal, increacing the accuracy of the measurement increaces the distance measured. And then there’s the question of which tide you measure at, which can drastically change the results.

    Plus it’s biased in favour of fjiords. (Yes, Scotland has fjiords, we call them “The West Coast”)

    A better measurement would be to replace measuring along the coastline with measuring the sea border (soverign zone, where the countries’ laws apply, rather than exclusive economic zone)

  2. Nice wee film, but the area per inhabitant figures are all wrong by a factor of 1000 (!) Scotland is just under 80,000 sq. km, for 5.3 million people gives us 0.015 sq km each, not 15. It’s a crowded planet.

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