Look What You Get In Ireland!

RTE2Losing a good chunk of the output of the BBC wouldn’t be a trauma for me, as you can see by looking at the last image in this post, but I just wanted to act on a suggestion I heard someone make in a recent debate on Scottish Independence.

RTE1One of the sillier stories is the one about “we won’t get the BBC after Independence”, the suggestions the person made was to take a wee look at the RTE TV listings in Ireland.

So I did.

And look what you get!

As I said, there’s a lot of it that is worth the losing…



One comment

  1. British TV channels have been available nationally in Ireland for the last twenty years or so via cable or satellite. Before that the overspill from analogue transmitters in Britain as well as the north-east of Ireland made BBC, ITV, Ch4 and Channel 5 freely available to viewers everywhere except parts of the midlands, west or south-west. The governments of Ireland and Britain currently have agreements in place to facilitate the transmission of Irish digital TV channels in the north-east of the country, centred on Belfast. Irish television channels like RTÉ and TG4 are free to watch in parts of Wales and north-west England and have been for decades. Cable TV operators and Sky in Britain carry Irish TV channels on their services.

    Irish public service broadcasters RTÉ and TG4 regularly produce TV and radio programmes jointly with the BBC, Ch4 and S4C and have done so since the 1980s. RTÉ has agreements in place to use BBC facilities, including studios, when transmitting from Britain.

    Numerous ex-RTÉ and TG4 staff work with the BBC, ITV, Ch4, Channel 5 and Sky. Numerous ex-BBC, ITV, Ch4 and Sky staff work in RTÉ.

    So why on earth would the situation be any different in Scotland? Of all the anti-independence arguments this one is the most thoroughly ridiculous.

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