The Scottish Independence Podcast 55 – Imagine A Better Scotland

Irvine Welsh Quotes Scottish IndependenceThe 55th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast is the first of two that aren’t the usual interview format but rather some talks that are taken from here and there and will provide both useful information for campaigners, and I hope some enjoyable listening.

This one comes from an event a few weeks back in Kirkcaldy and the speakers were Alistair Bruce, who is involved with Yes Kirkcaldy, Ross Ingebrigtsen who is a communications director for the SNP, Robin McAlpine who is the director of the Reid Foundation (I also interviewed him here) and writer and former BBC journalist Lesley Riddoch, who, apart from the excellence of the talk itself, in this speech deals admirably with a heckler (I also interviewed her here).

It’s quite long so you might not want to listen to it in one go but I’d recommend that even if you do it all in parts, you try to get through it.

Also thanks to Two Thumbs Fresh Productio423438_401034069911469_152795628068649_1780331_2011463999_nns, for letting me reproduce it.

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