The Very First Thing

CamusCapitalPunishmentThe very first thing that perked my political interest, back when I was very young indeed, although I couldn’t tell you exactly when, was capital punishment.

I think I was so young that I had to have it explained to me, and after it had been explained to me, I needed an explanation as to how people could do that to one another, and I still haven’t had a satisfactory answer to that one.

From that day in my childhood until the present I have seen the whole horrible institution of it as an abomination.

I’m mentioning all this for a reason though. The most recent episode of Hardtalk is with a man called Allen Ault who was in charge of the “corrections system” in Georgia, USA. He was responsible for several executions and his experiences have now made him a firm opponent of the death penalty.

It’s very emotional stuff.

Follow THIS LINK to download as a podcast or watch the video below. It’s the episode for Friday 14th February.



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