Union Dividends – 13

cameronThe UK is already one of the easiest countries in the western world in which to sack workers, however, this happened a few months ago, you might not have caught it…

While the Commons noisily debated press regulation, MPs elsewhere in the House quietly signed away workers’ rights. On a delegated legislation committee (a backdoor means of sneaking through contentious amendments), nine Conservatives and two Liberal Democrats voted to reduce the consultation period for collective redundancies from 90 days to 45.

Furthermore, it isn’t going to end there. A short while after the above

We need to make it easier for firms to sack workers, claims Conservative chairman Grant Shapps

Companies are forced to invent “disingenuous reasons” to fire staff because employment laws are stacked in favour of staff, the Conservative chairman has claimed.

Grant Shapps indicated a majority Tory government would make it easier for companies to dismiss under-performing workers. Tonight, the party was accused by union chiefs of seeking to strip all protections from employees.

So, vote No to ensure that an already underpaid and underemployed workforce will continue to lose the remaining work rights we have and that we can be sacked at any moment.


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