Banal Retentive – 4

The Banal Retentive series gives quotes from those giving the most spurious reasons against Scottish Independence and in favour of retaining the union.

The purpose of this series is to show that although this debate is a highly serious matter and in some places there is real debate going on, some politicians and opinion leaders, going by these quotes, either don’t think on a very deep level or don’t think serious arguments are needed to convince you.

Today’s example comes from a man who is apparently a Labour Councillor.

Not the first comment, the response…



One comment

  1. The prospect of a two-year debate on the place of Scotland in the UK has turned the issue on its head, The end of Establishment is not going to unravel the constitutional settlement; instead, the unravelling of the constitutional settlement might well have a serious effect on Establishment – not to kill it off but, very possibly, to change its nature quite significantly.

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