For A’ That 39 – The Other Kind Of Union

BE4G8TmCcAAapUh.jpg largeFor the 39th episode of the For A’ That podcast I was joined by the editors of the Mair Nor A Roch Wind website, namely Amy Westwell, Cailean Gallagher and Rory Scothorne.

Their site has been described thusly…

“This should *really* scare the Labour establishment” – Pat Kane

“It’s like being harangued by a keelie Lenin” – A Cybernat

“First I’ve read on this site, which some have been recommending. Dear lord.” – Wings over Scotland

“They’ve walked into no mans land, These guys are absolutely smack bang in the middle of everybody”  – Lesley Riddoch

You certainly won’t be hearing the standard Yes or No positions in the podcast.

We discussed the site itself, the inspiration for it and its goals.

We also talked about Putin’s intervention into the debate, the recent study suggesting that (shock) the media may actually have a pro-union bias and the cybernat idea – though this was recorded before this story took it’s latest turn.

Apart from that we talked about why, against the evidence in my opinion, they think the labour party may still be the vehicle for social change in an independent Scotland.

There’s much more in there besides.

Oh and Andrew wasn’t able to join us, but he’ll be back.

Hope you enjoy…

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  1. To my mind, these guys represent everything that’s wrong with the Left in Scotland. In general, really. They are intelligent, articulate, they have great ideas, but they imprison themselves in the context of the Labour party and a conception of workplace democracy which insists on being adversarial and confrontational even when that attitude actually harms their chances of achieving their stated objectives. They would rather argue and agitate for everything they want and get nothing, than adopt a pragmatic approach and actually achieve things.

    Their attitude towards Common Weal is a perfect example; here is a proposition which enhances local democracy, worker representation, and advocates the construction of an economy which would be quantitatively superior for working people, but because it makes concessions to the realities of politics and public opinion in order to actually achieve its goals, they won’t get fully behind it. They are so caught up in their narrative of the righteous war against the evils of global capital that they overlook opportunities to win battles against it.

    There also seems to be a pretty severe cognitive blindspot and disconnect when it comes to the Labour party. The Scottish Labour party could potentially be saved by independence, but this idea that should we achieve a Yes vote they’re going to magically transform themselves and go into the 2016 elections with a radical social-justice manifesto is pure fantasy. Assuming the leftist elements of the party actually can wrest control away from the neoliberals, they’re not going to be able to do that AND come up with a radical but practical policy agenda AND win back the swathes of voters like myself who’ve lost all faith in the party to represent us, all in less than two years. This is the party that still believes the reason they lost in 2007 and 2011 is that -we- failed to understand how awesome they are.

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