Compare And Contrast – 1

uk#Scotland or UK on world scene?

I’m sure you’ve heard a million times by now the story that an Independent Scotland would not have the ability to influence events on the world scene.

Well, have a look at these two things and decide what sort of “influence” you would like to have.

First up is Humza Yousaf, on the Scotland front…

The SNP are to embed the mantra “Do No Harm” in their foreign policy if Scotland is independent, and will not allow Scottish defence companies to export arms to repressive regimes, Humza Yousaf, the SNP’s External Affairs Minister, said last night.

“We will be consistent in our compassionate approach to the world’s poorest. Upon independence we will pursue a policy of Do No Harm – where our good work globally will not be undermined by the selling of arms to some of the world’s most brutal dictators as has been done by previous UK governments.”

And for the UK…

Legal experts from around the world are to join calls for an investigation into whether British politicians and senior military figures should be prosecuted for alleged war crimes in Iraq.

An open letter from about a dozen heavyweight figures will increase the pressure on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to launch a formal inquiry into allegations that more than 400 Iraqis were victims of  thousands of incidents of mistreatment amounting to “torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.”

The Independent on Sunday revealed that a 250-page dossier has been submitted to the ICC  in The Hague by Public Interest Lawyers and the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights. It will be published in London on Tuesday.

Ministers dismissed the need for an investigation, pointing out that the ICC had rejected such a call in 2006.  However, the letter from international experts will argue that fewer than 20 cases were known about then and that hundreds of new cases have emerged since.


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