As Good As It Gets (If You Vote No)

“No campaigners must publicise the fact that this is as good as it gets. With a No win little is going to change. Right here, right now you can see the kind of country we are going to be living in.”

– Michael Kelly



Racistvan 10



  1. Hey Michael. The No Scotland campaign as I deliberately call them to cause maximium offence, offend my decency by saying that we must provide details of every day of independence for the next 100 million years. However, miraclously it seems that when we ask them to provide details of what a unionist Scotland will look in 5 to 10 years time they tell us they don’t know as they can’t possibly see that far in to the future. This game of double standards simply has to stop. They must provide answers shut the hell up.

    Love And Best Wishes
    Gayle X

  2. Hey Michael My last sentence in the previous post should have said they must answer questions or shut the hell up.

    However further to my last point I would say that these people have powerful friends in the press and media and there views are in the main allowed to go completely uncontested. This is why the internet is so important to our campaign and face to face debate and inter action will be key to our success.

    One point I always make is when I discuss the role of the the press I ask them how many of the papers are Scottish owned? And I am afraid to say many people think that Daily Record/Sunday Mail is Scottish owned and are genuinely shocked when I inform them that it is part of the London based Mirror Group. These are the same people who cannot understand it when I say the BBC is biased in favour of the No Scotland campaign. However this changes when I inform them that the first B in the BBC stands for British. It reallly is amazing how many people forget that little fact. Well they may forget it but they ignore it at their own considerable risk. Make no mistake
    the BBC are collaborating with the No Scotland campaign and one wonders if Alastair Darlinh has given them the only piece of information a self seeking servant ever needs in this little statement ‘You’ll be alright if you vote for union Jack.

    Love And Best Wishes
    Gayle X

  3. Well, if you want an alternative media, there are always the podcasts on this site, Bella Caledonia, Wings Over Scotland, Scot Goes Pop, Newsnet Scotland, Arc of Prosperity and many many more.

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