To Obey You Will Vote “No”

You’ve probably all seen the Putin story by now but I just wanted to highlight to excellent quotes and a brilliant poster made on the matter.

The First Minister’s comments were on the money…

“It is shameful that as Prime Minister David Cameron refuses to debate in front of the people of Scotland, but is perfectly willing to lobby against Scotland’s interests around the world. This adds credibility to reports the Prime Minister was lobbying the Spanish primeBdyppXnCAAA-VGJ minister to make comments against Scottish independence when their foreign minister had already made perfectly clear that Scotland’s referendum is a matter for the people of Scotland.

“This kind of behaviour shows exactly why Scotland should represent our own interests as an independent nation.

“We will be a responsible global citizen and a good friend to our neighbours in the rest of the UK.”

And Patrick Harvie was also rather good…

“If accurate, these extraordinary comments show a deeper sense of misjudgement than I thought the UK Government was capable of.

“The one thing I thought even the Cameron government accepted was that the referendum is for the Scottish people to settle, so why they feel the need to court the support of Vladimir Putin’s brutal regime I cannot imagine.”

This poster from Stewart Bremner, who you can listen to here, deserves a post all of its own.

As above in the title of the post, the Russian reads…

To Obey You Will Vote “No”



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