We Are Everywhere

If you had asked me to choose a place outside of Ibrox stadium that I thought was the least likely in Scotland to be natural Yes country, I’d have told you Airdrie.

Therefore it was of no surprise to me when I found this picture of something I believe to have been in their match programme, written by Jim Ballantyne who funnily enough appeared to hold shares in Rangers at the same time as he was chairman of Airdrie.

But keep reading after it…


First of all I’d like to agree about the horrible effects of the Ibrox disaster and think that the tragedy that day should not be forgotten.

For the other half of the page tho, leaving aside for the moment the fact that it is a grey area whether the people who use that line about the “great” in “Great Britain” understand what that word in the name of the country is really meant to signify, what was all that stuff about keeping politics out of football?

BN7_5WOCUAAUVDyRegular readers will know that I have never said the two things are or even should be separate, for me it is a freedom of speech issue pure and simple.

So even though I find his comments crass at best, he can write whatever the hell he likes in his programme.

There are two heartening things here though.

The first is that there is an Airdrie for Yes group. and they appear to have been allowed into the stadium to campaign, at least for a meeting in the evening. This is in stark contrast to what has gone on in other places.

There’s also a Rangers For Independence group as well. Google it.

So the Yes campaign is everywhere, and No wouldn’t feel like they had to campaign in things like football match programs if they weren’t worried, so it’s all good news.

Oh and finally, if you want to see a nice mix of football and politics, this one from down south was rather good…



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