Even from sources that would in all likelihood want to keep the union, here is the verdict…

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  1. Well, not really, no.

    Isn’t the point that an independent Scotland – or for that matter, an indepdent Catalonia, or Euskadi, or a putative Wallonia or Flanders – would be syates that were not presently members of the Union? Now as you know as well as I, opinions as to the constitutional status of such entities varies distinctly, not least because the possibility of such states coming into being doesn’t appear to have been catered for (any more than the possiblity of states leaving the euro seems to have been catered for).

    So Mr Avery’s opinion that it’s “inconceivable” is based on what, legally or constitutionally? This excerpt doesn’t tell us.

    Nor do you tell us that he said this in 2012, and was contradicted by other experts who we have no reason to believe are any less knowledgeable than he.

    So this isn’t a “verdict”, it’s an opinion. Isn’t it?

  2. I didn’t mean verdict in terms of a binding legal agreement, I meant it in the sense of his conclusion after looking at the available evidence, most of which is all quite up in the air at the moment.

    The point is that the No side are constantly pulling out every quote that says it will be difficult and the yes side are pulling out every quote that says it will be easy.

    I thought this was interesting because it was from someone who has been involved in this area and seems to bear no ill-will to one side or the other (or isn’t say, from the Spanish government and therefore have a dog in this particular race). Therefore his opinion, if you like, is very interesting.

  3. Considering that it took *two years* for Greenland to remove itself from the EU (it got sucked in when Denmark joined), I doubt we’ll be kicked out on independance day.

    Just think of all the people who are currently in Scotland because of the EU free travel area, there’s no way that the EU will let the UK’s petty complaints mess things up for *them*, especially when the UK is looking to leave anyway!

    Scotland is currently in the EU. You’re being daft if you think they’ll kick us out when we don’t want to go.

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