Coast And Auntie

BPXONUPCMAEvUk1It’s been said that there is more propaganda in the soap operas than there is in the news. The idea is that those programmes insert ideas into people’s minds about how to react in certain situations and what is socially acceptable or not.

But I think the principle extends to other programmes that are not ostensibly about politics such as X-Factor, Dragon’s Den (which someone described as a hymn at the altar of capitalism) and so on.

So you find things in the most unexpected places.

The latest episode of BBC Radio 4’s Coast and Country comes from the borders region.

Even though they try to preface things with “don’t want to talk about politics” if you made a radio documentary in which someone just screamed “Vote NOOOOOOO” into a microphone for about half an hour, you’d be only slightly more partisan than they were in this episode.

Give it a listen here.

More on the BBC here.





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