The Scottish Independence Podcast 43 – Lesley Riddoch

For the 43rd episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with Lesley Riddoch, writer8392802340_fea0d5a957_z, activist, blogger, broadcaster, podcaster and speaker.

The conversation took in a number of things including what’s to be done now, and why it can’t wait for the referendum, the lack of empowerment in Scottish communities and why the official Yes campaign may or may not have to walk a tightrope but the rest of us should be getting stuck right into it.

There’s also a radical suggestion about what’s to be done about the Scotsman, but you’ll have to listen to find it out what it is.

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  1. That was pretty interesting. I would have thought that a town like Cullen or a district like Partick might have had a better idea of what is good for them than any larger entity. It is perhaps through a combination of communities being empowered and that power being realistically devolved that we might strike a realistic balance.

    Most of the time.

    On the consultative issue there is need for 99% of them to be agreed locally, as Lesley implies at a level well below existing scales of local government. Only if that is not unacceptable in the wider interest, then to a slightly wider community, then to the next level and so on.

    I would imagine, for instance, that tidal barrier schemes, whilst in the that wider interest, might meet strong local opposition.

    Though the initial objection might be bought off by giving Crown Estates rights to every community along our coasts, subject to a reasonably high percentage being returned to the public purse. The local community could do what it liked with the money it retained, but I would recommend a sovereign fund for a rainy day.

    However, this, as a Glaswegian who lives up a tenement, is all a tad counter-intuitive.

    Lesley, probably rightly from a historical point of view, is for those that might potentially benefit from a Nordic model.

    Seems to me that that it is not us city dwellers.

  2. Crowdfunding to buy the Scotsman – to improve it’s spelling if nothing else, and get a balanced view of the debate ? I’d certainly contribute. Lots of interest, I’d imagine if publicised through the various websites / blogs.

  3. Yerkitbreeks- It’s be an interesing experiment. Online vote for hiring which journos?

    Douglas – I imagine there’d need to be a certain amount of goodwill involved, and however much there indeed was, I also imagine it’d be more than you find at the moment both from and to larger local councils.

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