The Scottish Independence Podcast 40 – Stewart Bremner

BaaadKTCYAAFB2-.jpg largeFor the 40th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with Stewart Bremner, who is a graphic artist, illustrator and designer. You can find him on twitter here.

He’s been involved in the Scottish independence debate in a number of ways, making posters for Bella Caledonia, making an excellent short video called When I Was A Child (it’s at the start of the podcast too).

We talked about his work  and why they don’t often stress the historical and cultural angles in the debate.

We also talked about the political poster as an art form. Has it had its day?

Hope you enjoy…

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  1. Enjoyed the podcast very much. It touches on one of my major interests, that of scottish culture and history. Mr B bang on the money. His story is very similar to mine. When my awareness of the lack of knowledge of my own culture became evident. I moved back to Scotland and I got a place at Edinburgh Uni to study Scottish Ethnology next year, that means essentially our non material culture and history. My ambition to to see our culture taught (ideally by me!:)) alongside our own and others history and culture. Not from a British perspective but our own and a wider european one. Loved “When I was a child’ a very good summation of my education and awakening as well. I used to live in the Fort in Leith I can imagine some of the punters being characterful on the stall. one leither was so characterful ,when first I lived there aged 16, he took out a knife ,accused me of kicking his dog (which I assume was invisible as it wasn’t to be seen) and chased me out of the chip shop! Luckily the old boy remembered his chips and went back to the chip shop. Golden days! 😀

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